Apple Expected to Introduce Health Tracking App and Smart Home Toolkit at WWDC

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    The New York Times reports that Apple will be delving into two new areas on Monday -- connected health and the smart home.

    At WWDC 2014, Apple is expected to introduce a new health tracking app that will track statistics for health and fitness. Author Brian Chen cites an anonymous source "briefed on the product"
    Apple has also been rumored to be announcing their efforts in the connected smart home. On this front, Chen reports that Apple may introduce "tool kits for developers" to make smart home integration easier for developers and consumers. This initiative was previously described as a "Made for iPhone"-like certification.

    Both of these products have been rumored in the lead up to WWDC, but last minute rumors and reports frequently leak out in the hours and days before the keynote. Apple's WWDC Keynote kicks off tomorrow at 10am Pacific. We'll provide live coverage here at

    Article Link: Apple Expected to Introduce Health Tracking App and Smart Home Toolkit at WWDC
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    Jul 27, 2012
    WNY or Utica
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    Dec 31, 2012
    Buffalo, NY
  4. brunosh macrumors regular


    May 14, 2014
    Who da hell cares about Healthbook.. I hope that's not the best apple has to offer this year!
  5. MartinAppleGuy macrumors 68020


    Sep 27, 2013
    I wonder if Samsung will be rushing to make some sort of Smart Home device within the next 20 hours? :p
  6. OtherJesus macrumors 6502


    Sep 28, 2005
    Bay Area, California
    Maybe not. I don't think they were selling that well to be begin with and didn't they just get through a recall?

    This sounds like iOS in the car type stuff. But instead of Honda it's Maytag, etc.
  7. xero9 macrumors 6502a

    Nov 7, 2006
    I agree. I see it being like Passbook, but even less useful.
  8. cobbyco macrumors 6502a


    Aug 6, 2012
    1. Repost old news.
    2. Add almost nothing.
    3. Get more page clicks.
    4. ...
    5. Profit?
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    Aug 27, 2012
    See you at the end of the year... ;)
  10. Tech198 macrumors G4

    Mar 21, 2011
    Australia, Perth
    so, now Apple are into the health industry too ?

    What other industries does Apple wanna capture, i wonder.

    How many of these actually succeed, and how many of them flop ?

    I wonder,, really.... Heath tracking apps etc, wearable tech may all look cool on paper, but when it comes to the crunch, it can be very different story.

    (I still like those colors)
  11. Sky Blue Guest

    Sky Blue

    Jan 8, 2005
  12. Nunofaria21 macrumors member

    May 16, 2014
    Another app to join passbook, stocks and newsstand.. hidden just because you can't delete...
  13. KylePowers macrumors 68000


    Mar 5, 2011
    I use a few different health-related apps (MyFitnessPal, StrongLifts 5x5, Fitocracy, etc.), so I'm interested in seeing what Healthbook is all about.

    But I agree, Healthbook should probably be one of the last few things they talk about. I'm hoping to see some nice improvements to the next OSX, a big revamp to iOS (even though I think iOS 7 is pretty good), a separate iOS for their iPads (utilize the screen real estate Apple!), App Store for AppleTV, and a few hardware announcements (Mac Mini refresh, AppleTV refresh, AirPort Express refresh, etc.).
  14. GuitarDTO macrumors 6502a

    Feb 16, 2011
    Aren't they live streaming this event? If they don't announce something a bit more substantial I have to believe there will be a lot of negative press coming their way. I realize the hardware isn't ready yet, but IMO they need to go ahead and announce this iWatch/whatever it will be called, especially if it goes hand and hand with the health tracking app. The original iPhone didn't launch until months after it was announced.
  15. Parasprite macrumors 68000


    Mar 5, 2013
  16. khovland92 macrumors member

    Mar 20, 2012
    I don't want apps, we already have a million of those. I want features! Embedded OS features!

    • Customization
    • Option for tiles
    • Option for widgets
    • That fancy multitasking everyone is talking about
    • Stuff I can't think of

    Apps go into a "junk" folder.
  17. Nunofaria21 macrumors member

    May 16, 2014
    1st step - read article
    2nd step - feel exited
    3rd step - read a related article
    4th step - feel less exited
    5th step - read yet another related article
    6th step - fell bored and down goes the hype...
  18. cube macrumors G5

    May 10, 2004
    I need a mobile workstation.

    Bring back the Computer in Apple.
  19. The Doctor11 macrumors 603

    The Doctor11

    Dec 15, 2013
    New York
    I do. I want my phone to tell me to get off my ass very 5 minutes that way I throw it out the window.:D
  20. thekeyring macrumors 68040

    Jan 5, 2012
  21. bushido Suspended


    Mar 26, 2008
    healthbook app ... meh i already got friends telling me i sleep too much i dont need my phone reaffirming that. hopefully its optional as a download
  22. pavelbure macrumors 6502a

    Feb 22, 2007
    This will be WWDC,

    Start with video of people using apple products
    Spend the next x amount of minutes saying how great they are and mentioning apple stores in china.

    New MacBook pros

    iOS 8


    Spend the last few minutes explaining all the great products they announced.

    End of show
  23. GrumpyTrucker macrumors 6502a

    Jun 1, 2014
    Oh God no. Just a personal preference but all this focus on Health app integration is making me want to bang my head against a wall. As others have said, it'll just be another app that many users will shove into a 'junk' folder because they can't delete it. I've had passbook now for what feels like centuries. The only use I have for it? Cinema tickets. I don't have a 5S so I have no coprocessor and I have very little interest in an iWatch so the health book stuff will probably be of little use overall.

    As for home automation. I know if you're into Apple then you're used to paying over the odds for things however this home automation thing seems like a good idea on paper but I don't know what the prices are like in the US but here in the UK anything like this is a considerable outlay to get up and running. It's easier to just get up and walk to a switch and flick it on/off. And I get a workout in the process.

    Actually there's a point. Seems ironic that Apple are supposed to be putting all this health app stuff into iOS 8 and making it easier for us to sit on our butts and be less active while home automation does it for us :rolleyes:

    Just a quick aside for the Americans here. As a Brit I always struggle to understand the US aversion to a national health service sort of thing. I hear things like "Big Government" and the like being thrown around. If the US Government were advocating everyone carries around a device that will constantly monitor their health (blood pressure, heart rate, calories etc.) what would be your reaction? Yet I see a lot of positive feedback when Apple are rumoured to be baking it deep into their next iOS. I know that's WAY off topic but thought I'd ask.
  24. AngerDanger, Jun 1, 2014
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    Dec 9, 2008
    Apple, I will do some healthy excersize thingies, but please update the Mac mini!

    Congrats, you've found a way to take the fun out of almost anything. Let's try it with…

    1. Buy ticket(s)
    2. Listen to people play music
    3. End of show
    4. Have hard time hearing for a little while
    1. Press buttons and move things to rearrange the array of lights in front of you
    2. End of show
    1. Find person
    2. Mutual removal of cloths
    3. Thrust in proximity to them
    4. End of show

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