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    Hi all,

    I have a few questions regarding Apple's Family Sharing System.

    1) Is there any way that each adult on the family share can have their own payment details?
    This is becoming increasingly annoying when a family member would like to buy an app or music and the purchase has to be made on the "admin" card. For instance, I pay for a family share account so that my family can enjoy Apple Music. If however, someone tries to buy an app or a song, the purchase must be made on my card. This seems like a bit of an inconvenience and am wondering if this is a bug or system design.

    2) What happens if a family member has a gift card attached to their apple id?
    If a family member has say £15 on their id, if they try to purchase an app or music, will it come out of the account balance or off of my card?

    3) Anyway to turn off "Ask to buy" for free app downloads?
    I have a younger brother who is 14 and likes his free apps. He is on the family sharing account with a child id so he can enjoy Apple Music. We have also turned on "Ask to buy" as we don't want him buying loads of apps of my card. However, whenever he tries to download a free app, I constantly get notifications asking to approve this. This seems a bit excessive to approve every free app download...

    Any help would be appreciated :)
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    1) I dont believe this to be possible the Parent / guardian has to be in charge.

    2) The purchases come off gift card credits before your card

    3) Not sure why that is maybe to ensure you feel the app is appropriate for him - approval needed by you first

    iTunes gift cards are often 15% to 20% off here in the UK - every 2 or 3 months a retailer has an offer.
    I rarely pay full price. PayPal run good iTunes gift cards offers quite frequently.
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    1) No.

    2) Gift card comes first (as said above).

    3) AFAIK: No.

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