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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by DrHockey, Nov 16, 2008.

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    Nov 6, 2008
    Looking for advice on how to deal with an Apple - Fedex shipping snafu. I purchased a custom configured 24" iMac on 11/7 and it shipped on 11/11 from California to my NYC address. On the FedEx tracking site it says it will be delivered by Saturday, 11/15. After the first day there are no tracking updates (en route to Reno, NV) but I figure it's just FedEx's lack of updates.

    Yesterday - the supposed delivery date - comes and goes with no delivery. I call FedEx and they tell me that there is no street address on the shipping label! How could this possibly be? And why would they accept a package without a street address? They also tell me that I cannot change the shipping address, that Apple must call them to do it. First thing I do is check the order online to make sure my address was correct. It is, so then I call Apple and the service rep tells me that this happens sometimes - that packages get shipped and part of the address gets dropped when they transmit the info from the Apple store to the warehouse (you think they would have resolved that bug since that would seem to cause some issues but apparently not).

    The service rep then tells me that Apple is not authorized to call FedEx and that they have to wait until FedEx calls them to tell them the address info is incorrect. I was just flabbergasted. How can Apple not exercise some degree of control over their own shipping pipeline? So I ask when FedEx might call? They have no idea and neither does the supervisor.

    Anyone had to deal with this before? The whole thing seems preposterous. Apple isn't "authorized" to correct the issue and I have to hope that FedEx puts in a call to Apple to correct this. Meanwhile, a $2500 purchase is sitting in a warehouse somewhere between Reno and New York. Who knows when I'll get it. I'm thinking that if this isn't resolved by Tuesday, I'm going to initiate a chargeback so that Apple will get off its collective ass.

    As someone who finally decided to switch from Windows after all these years, this isn't a pleasant first experience with Apple.
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    Feb 19, 2005
    I have dealt with this and it was from Apple.

    There was a high level of patience, persistence, and professionalism that had to be exercised in order to get Apple to ship out a replacement the following day and once FedEx did call them, they were to have the item sent back to them. I advised them verbally and then followed it up with an e-mail to some general e-mail box, that if the item that was originally intended for me made it to my house by some miracle then I would be keeping it and I would not pay for it. Who knows if I would have gotten away with it, but I do know I never saw the original package.

    This was approximately a year ago.

    Why have they not fixed this issue? I have no clue. Are they full of **** when they say they cannot call FedEx and fix the address? No, not at all. If they were authorized to do this then any snot-nosed employee could set an order up and then call FedEx and easily have the address changed to their place. It is really that simple.

    Sure, the whole thing is a PITA, but it is how it goes. I did ask if they had a shipping manager, someone who oversaw the whole shipping department and they clearly said no. I take this as a lie, but then again I'm just talking to some representative who very well could have been sick of my continual phone calls in the space of 24 hours.

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