Apple Fires Chief of Korean Unit After Only 17 Months on the Job

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    The Korea Times reports that Apple has fired the head of its Korean unit, Dominique Oh, with sources indicating that the move was related to sluggish sales in the country.
    Oh joined Apple just 17 months ago, coming from LG where he oversaw the company's Android and Windows Phone 7 efforts.

    Korea is an interesting market for Apple given its rivalry with Seoul-based Samsung, and Oh's removal is said to be a curious one given than the iPhone 5 launch in the country is said to be just days or weeks away.

    Article Link: Apple Fires Chief of Korean Unit After Only 17 Months on the Job
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    He didn't quit, he got the boot.
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    Well, typically when someone gets a better job offer from a competing company, they quit.

    This man was terminated, so maybe your implication is correct, that Samsung attempted to bribe him while he was under the employ of their main competitor. Those scumbags!

    Either way, being fired from his job brings great shame upon him, his family, and probably his ancestors, too. :)
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    Oh lord

    Will Sandra Oh play him in the inevitable "Lifetime" movie on Apple post Steve Jobs, "Applocalypse Now"?
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    Feb 27, 2011
    Was he a Samsung rat? Samsung has played dirty before...
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    Psssst ...


    Why not tell them that Browett is superb and the best thing that's happened to Apple. Then Slamdung might buy him!

    Hard luck, Oh.
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    I think a lot of people are underestimating how much oriental countries value 'pride' and 'honour'.

    Samsung is the General Motors of South Korea. When Apple goes around denigrating the name of the national conglomerate, it is obvious that the Koreans aren't going to like it one iota. Mr. Oh is just a victim of circumstance.
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    I love reading these clueless comments from people who view Asia as being populated entirely by Bond villains.
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    Well, this is embarrassing for Dominique. Was he trolling Apple?
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    Its hilarious how scared if samsung fanboys are. Its just a phone not a national secret.
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    Samsung isn't like GM. Samsung is more like the Royal Family of Russia.

    Samsung controls EVERYTHING in Korea, especially, politicians, the court, media, press(news papers), and you name it.

    Samsung owner's family (found and president of Samsung group) is invincible.

    Have you watched American TV show called, Nikita? In the show, there's a fictional corporation of Russia that controls everything is Russia, and even having some of American politicians in their hands.

    Samsung is very like it. Samsung is not a small Asian company. Samsung electronics that make Galaxy handsets is just a small part of giant Samsung Group. The Samsung Group is 10x bigger than Apple, MS, and Google.

    I'm not kidding. Did you know Samsung builds missile, bombs, and tanks? Yes. Samsung has a government military contraction. They build weapons, ships, and possess oil company.

    As a Korean, I feel it's silly when foreign people (especially Americans..) think Apple is to blame and Samsung is a victim.

    They have no idea what Samsung is.

    Samsung is not a company, They are government. They rule Korea.
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    I don't know what connection your screen name has to your real name, but isn't Yu a Chinese last name?
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    Stop it, your scaring me. This is 'South' Korea right? :D
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    What's really hilarious is that only Apple and Mr. Oh actually know (or need to know) what happened here, yet there will be no end of assertions otherwise. But hey, whatever sells newspapers or collects eyeballs for ad revenue...
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    Is he the guy responsible for Apple Maps or what ?
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    Heh. At the risk of compounding the drift off Mr. Oh's changed circumstances: I have kinda enjoyed reviewing the video podcast of that rollout. Looking at Scott and wondering if he felt sick in advance or was pretty sure he had caged a bunch of people in a room with fifty pizzas and a bunch of energy drinks and told them THIS IS IT UNTIL THAT THING WORKS and figured everything would turn out okay.
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    발사 means blast off, firing (like a cannon)

    You mean 짤렸구나, 꼴좋다 하하하하하하하
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    In all seriousness, commiserations to Mr. Oh.
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    Blue light special on tin foil, aisle 3.
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    Here's another funny reference that came to mind:

    The Office Season 3, The Merger

    Michael: You can't quit! On the first day. That's [deep voice] heresy, my friend! [regular voice] Okay, let's talk about this. What happened? Was it Toby? Did he say something? Cause he's...

    Tony: No. Toby was helpful. He was very kind. It's just your management style.

    Michael: My management style? Didn't you think 'Lazy Scranton' was funny?

    Tony: No. Was it supposed to be funny?

    Michael: Okay. Well, don't bother quitting because you're fired.

    Tony: Excuse me?

    Michael: You are fired! I'm sorry, but we don't have quitters on this team! Just clean out your desk!

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