Apple 'forcing' everyone to cloud ??


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Mar 21, 2011
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I believe this is the way eventually...

On mobile devices, syncing constantly is probably ok, but when your watching TV and streaming from a Mac Mini (running iTunes), syncing only what you want to watch at that time, if too inconvenient...

Apple has changed their production of the Mac mini to be smaller, replacing the 3.5-inch that once was in the previous generations, with 2.5-inch.

Since, at current, and probably always will be, that 2.5-inch capacity will always be behind 3,5-inch hard drive capacity's, after all desktop class hard drives always evolve o high spec. sooner. this is a trade-off, And in Apple's case, the user must keep syncing if they go over the capacity of their Mac-mini..

Since Apple decided in the wisdom to make the iTunes library files *one big blob* like Outlook's .PST on windows, this is a burden, that will hurt Apple forever. Being a big blob, you can't do much it it, its not like you can split your iTunes library spanning across multiple dives, but to the devices being shared to, sees it as the same library. This may not help much, and probably cause other issue when you replace one of the HD's, but at least its a better idea.

When your watching TV, having to sync content before watching it, no one should have to do that... The who point of it is being "available", and "just there".

While Apple does this, the REAL reason behind it all is, "Well if you want everything in one place, its on the iTunes Store. But unfortunately, thanks to the movie industry you must "Rent" at a minimum.

The only solution for "all-one-one" content being kept, is to get a large external, which means your internal Mac mini's Hard drive will go un-used for the most part.. only having iTunes files and cover art etc...

In short. Apple should have kept the Mac mini with 3.5-inch, and personally going with a slimmer device, just to reduce/ and limit capacity, was a huge mistake for the company. But i can see why as slimmer is better.

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Oct 31, 2009
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I don't care until it happens. People act like the future of technology starts tomorrow. Stop worrying about what will happen in five years, and worry instead about what's happening now.

We're now at 128GB MicroSD, I think they will be the future for those of us who absolutely need the space and don't want to carry around external drives.


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Jun 19, 2009
how is itunes a big blob?
its different media files linked by an xml and sql lite database files