Apple Geniuses "Fixed" My MacBook

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    First off, I want to say that the original issue was that the machine would pop open when vertical in a laptop bag, sometimes slightly, sometimes enough to turn itself on. They determined that both the hinge was too tight, and that the display and topcase were not lining up correctly - I got it used, and it always popped open.

    All work was done at the Syracuse NY Apple Store. The work that was done was phenomenal. They replaced the topcase, display, and backlit keyboard. The popping open problem is gone, but I traded that for all of the problems mentioned below. I wish it only popped open again...

    1.) Upon startup, a key is repeated in my Password field as if one is being pressed and held. When hitting CMD + A, and hitting backspace, I am able to type my password to log in.

    2.) When the lid is closed and the laptop goes to sleep, it will only stay asleep for the 15 seconds it takes to save the active contents, and you will see the Apple logo on the lid flash like it was quickly opened and closed. The machine wakes up for a brief second only to repeat this process indefinitely, until the battery is depleted or I shut the machine down. Today, while in my bag, I kept hearing the repeated "Purr" error sound, the sound I selected, because the laptop was apparently doing something on its own.

    3.) The backlit keyboard keys F5 and F6 do not do anything, the illuminated keyboard does not come on automatically when dark, the option for it is not there in system preferences, and I can not get it to work.

    4.) On the keyboard itself, the J key is raised and unresponsive (I copied that J off of Google), the Caps Lock, K, H, F4 and F5 keys are askew, when using spaces with the Option + Arrow Keys, the Spaces diagram will stay frozen on the page as if I didn't let go of the Option key, and while typing this paragraph, the keyboard became unresponsive until I clicked logout and logged back in.

    5.) The Battery cover on the bottom of the machine fits very loosely, more loosely than it did before, and on the left side, near the lever, it is so loose it clicks whenever the machine is set down.

    6.) The most minor detail, but one I figured I'd note, is that the screen was dirtier than I had left it, albeit not filthy, there were new smudges I didn't put there in the week it was gone.

    Needless to say, I will NEVER have the Geniuses at a little store in the mall work on any of my Macs again. (I also have to say, I never had a big problem with a PPC Mac.) I'm pretty disappointed by this, but in the end, all the work was free, so I can't be too pissed about it - it's still covered under AppleCare until mid-November. I have a shipping box coming within 48 hours, so it's taking a trip to California soon.

    I can't say a bad thing about the staff - the quality of their work... Eh, not so good.
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    I sent my MacBook in via FedEx last Friday, and it didn't actually get there until Tuesday because of the Holiday weekend. Today, Thursday, I got my MacBook back, in even better condition than its ever been.

    Apple replaced the Logicboard, Keyboard and Backlight unit, and interestingly, the 320gb HD because of a bad sector. I actually never noticed a Hard Drive problem, and didn't mention a thing about it, but it's really good to know Apple noticed something and took care of it on their own.

    The keyboard is flawless, and I have to say, I think the backlight looks even better than it ever did before. It just seems more evenly lit on edges, more pure white, and brighter overall.

    If I could personally thank the tech(s) that worked on my MacBook, I would. I don't think I'd ever take it to an Apple Store in a mall again, but I wouldn't ever hesitate to pack up a computer and ship it out for service under AppleCare. As nervous as I was about the experience, I'm more than completely pleased with the outcome.

    Absolutely incredible customer service. I'm astounded every time I ask for help for anything. There is no other company that is there more for their customers. Problem solved. Thank you, Apple.

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