Other Apple GiveBack w/Apple Pay (Number Changed, will I receive my refund?)


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Sep 29, 2014
So, I pre-ordered the iPhone XS Max which arrived on Friday, and also a Series 4 SSSB with the GiveBack Trade-In option for my Series 3 - both orders were paid with ApplePay (tied to my credit card). I activated my XS Max on Friday once it arrived and transferred everything over from my old iPhone. This of course changed my virtual Apple Pay number.

This morning I received an email about how the AppleCare+ for my Series 4 not being able to bill, because the Apple Pay number changed. That makes sense. My watch however was charged to my credit card in time and it should be here today, minus the AppleCare+ for now.

Now, the GiveBack program works by refunding the trade-in amount to the original purchase method. Because that original purchase method was Apple Pay, and that virtual card number technically changed, will the money be able to be refunded once they receive my Series 3?

I've contacted Apple Store support which seemed to be clueless on how Apple Pay works - they were very confused when I told them the Apple Pay number changed because I switched devices. I'm really worried there will be an issue when issuing the refund and I'll receive a gift card in its place, which I don't need. Maybe someone here has been through this and has an answer for me. Thanks!


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Oct 23, 2010
Same question, curious how this works when Apple Pay number changes.


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Dec 29, 2005
I was in this same situation with my Apple Watch trade in and worried about the same thing. No need to worry - the refund automatically processed back to the original credit card with no problem.
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Jun 21, 2009
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It still tied to the credit card it just using a Apple Pay number that it generates. This should have ZERO impact on you getting your money. Each time I use Apple Pay it generates a different number! You can even change your credit card number and still get the credit, because all that stuff is crossed referenced. Goes to show you how complicated things are now to stop thieves from stealing our money.
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