Apple Hardware Test (AHT) Issues

Discussion in 'macOS' started by JustOneQuickONe, Jan 16, 2013.

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    Just got new ram for my mid 2009 mbp, and wanted to run AHT so I could make sure the memory is ok. I went with Kingston 2x4 GB, I haven't noticed any issues with the computer, but read many suggestions that the test should be run anyways. Here is my issue at this point; When running the "basic" test I get a code SNS/...........TB3T-128.000 and the tests seems to spit out this error before finishing. I have done some searching and found out this is because Apple replaced my battery (recently) and the new battery's sensor isn't detected by the AHT and thus it spits out the code, but there is really nothing wrong with the computer (just an outdated version of the AHT, and a mac genius can run a newer version without getting the code...). So this code shows up and doesn't let me continue with the test, I need to somehow get passed that so I can truly test the memory. I tried the "advanced" test and it ended up freezing at 1.5 hours :eek: At this point I'm blaming it on the code above (just a guess). So again, if I could clear it I could more accurately tell what actually caused the freeze. Does anyone have ant ideas on what to do from here? Nearest Apple store is 2 hours away, so I can't really take it there and leave it so that they can run a newer AHT.
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    no one has any ideas? Are there other reliable ways to test the RAM that won't test the battery issue as well?
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    AHT vs memtest

    I have had computer RAM that passes the AHT memory test, but still had random crashes/freezes etc. Running "memtest", an open-source command line utility, revealed within seconds that one of my memory modules was, in fact, bad. Ever since that happened, I have ignored the AHT memory test and keep memtest on all my diagnostic drives/discs.

    Memtest is a command line program which must be run from the terminal, but I see there is now an excellent GUI version, i.e., a nice little app called "Rember" that drives memtest through it's paces and adds some convenient reporting/operating options. Check it out, and your RAM too, at:

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