Apple Has Encountered 'Little Success' Growing in India Due to High Prices of iPhones

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    Talk about incorrect figures, China is NOT down. Know your facts. Most recent data shows China is up 16% y/y and it’s driven by iPhone primarily (Source: 10k). Don’t start saying iPhone is down in China because not only is it listed as a driver for the revenue being up 16% in China, Apple doesn’t break out unit sales by region AND Apple sold more iPhones in 2018 than in 2017, at higher prices.

    Also, don’t say you’re only talking about calendar Q4 2018, because we don’t have official numbers and the quarter isn’t even over. Plus, this is FY2019 for Apple.

    You’re just wrong no matter how you look at it.

    Don’t you hate when facts kill your entire argument you just created in your own mind?

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    No one said it's their duty and neither did I imply that they should sell a flagship phone at 500-550 USD. My point is that they could come up with a more customized marketing which makes users aware that there are iPhone options available at that price point... without making it come across as a poor man's alternative iPhone (as true as it might be... using "poor" loosely here).

    As far as re-baselining prices is concerned, all I meant was that their flagships aren't going to be competitive if they are going to be so far above the flagships of other phones. Flagship selling is not so much about affordability as it is about perceived value vs. competition. This problem is not as exaggerated for US at least. Galaxy Note 9 retails at about same price as iPhone Xs?
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    the iphone 7 is a 2 year old phone. stop lying.
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    Probably because India has a population of 1.3+ billion people. If they can appeal to a fraction of that country then they are on to a winner. It’s the same with China even if most of the country live in relative poverty.

    If Apple decided to attempt a budget iPhone then they really could reach out to these cultures and compete against Android, but it would have to be a £200 iPhone. I don’t think Apple are willing to cheapen their brand though.
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    Since when does someone like yourself hate "bashers"? :-O
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    In the core of a black hole.
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    Im half Thai and half Norwegian if you must know about my life.

    Edit: Just so there is no confusion, when that comment was made i was in Thailand for New Years break, Im back in Norway now for school

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