Apple has Free all day Apple server seminars in select cities

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    I wish one was close to me. Cities and dates are in the link plus registration. From the site

    Welcome: Hardware and Software Overview
    The seminar begins with a top-level introduction to Mac OS X Server and Xserve, bringing attendees up to speed on each product’s key features and capabilities.

    Session 1: Deploying Mac OS X Server
    Our first in-depth session demonstrates the powerful tools that let you configure and control your information infrastructure and computing resources. We’ll touch upon such topics as:
    Easy Setup and Tool Use
    Workgroup Management
    Directory Services
    Managing Clients

    Session 2: Collaboration with Leopard Server
    Leopard Server debuts six new services that make it easy for users in your organization to collaborate efficiently. This portion of the presentation will highlight:
    iChat Server
    iCal Server

    Session 3: Podcast Producer
    The third session illustrates how Podcast Producer helps business and education customers streamline the process of creating and distributing podcasts. Real-world applications will be discussed, including:
    Corporate Communication
    Training (Product, Sales, HR)
    Reception with Apple and Solution Providers
    Cap off the day by mingling with peers, colleagues, and seminar speakers at a casual one-hour reception. Light hors d’oeuvres and refreshments will be served.

    Space for seminar is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.
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