Apple has gotten old along with it's customers

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    I'm 48. I got an apple II when I was 9 years old. It was my first computer. Since then I've never been without an apple product. I stood in line for the first iphone. I've owned every one since.

    When I watched the iphone reveal last week, I was struck by something. Every presenter, every product head and leader in the company is getting old. I saw more gray hairs than at a grateful dead concert. I say this as someone with more than a few gray hairs myself.

    And then it struck me. Apple isn't the disrupter any more. It isn't the young bucks throwing a sledgehammer at IBM and mainstream corporate America. Apple is now what IBM was when I was young. The established, slow to innovate, slow to change, suppressing competition with litigation, a follower. It shows in their products. I bought the new Macbook pro out of loyalty. It's actually a worse product than the Air it replaced. Yes the specs are better but the actual user experience, the sum of the products, is notably worse. I feel the same about the X, my 6S is a better overall product. And that makes me sad. And for the first time in almost 4 decades, I think I'm ready to leave the apple ecosystem.
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    Im guessing you probably wouldn't be seen dead at a rolling stones concert.
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    Can I have your stuff?
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    Can you replace my scleral buckle with a Red one?

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