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    Jan 5, 2011
    I use the standard Apple headphones that came with the iPhone. My problem is that it's easy for others to hear the music, even when it is not up very much. There are 5 holes on the back of each earbud, and I've realized that the majority of the sound is coming from here - when I turn my earphones around in my ear the volume is ~2x higher. I don't understand what the point is, because when I cover them up while I'm wearing them I notice no difference in volume or quality. Does this always happen with these earphones, and will getting another brand or the in-ear earphones solve the issue?
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    Apple headphones are the crappiest headphones, buy another pair

    i just leave them in the box they came in when i get an apple product that packages them
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    If you want to spend that much money I would recommend the Beats by Dr. Dre! I`m very happy with them and I never heard such a good quality with In Ear Hedphoines...!
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