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Apple Hires Former Amazon Studios Exec to Lead International TV Development


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Apr 12, 2001

Former Amazon Studios executive Morgan Wandell is Apple's latest hire for its video team, reports Variety. Wandell will take on the role of head of international creative development for worldwide video at Apple, reporting directly to Jamie Erlicht and Zack Van Amburg, former Sony execs who now lead Apple's original programming efforts.

Wandell will start work at Apple's new Culver City office at The Culver Studios at the end of the month.

Prior to joining Apple, a move that's been in the works for weeks, Wandell served as Head of International Series at Amazon Studios, and before that, he was an executive producer at ABC Studios.

Wandell previously worked with Erlicht and Van Amburg on "Sneaky Pete," and has also worked on shows that include "The Man in the High Castle," "Goliath," "Jack Ryan," and "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel."

Apple has been building up its video content team in recent months, and Wandell joins hires like Matt Cherniss, former president and general manager of WGN America and Tribune Studios, and Kim Rozenfeld, who came from Sony Pictures and now handles documentary series development.

Apple's video content team is led by Erlicht and Van Amburg, both of whom report to iTunes chief Eddy Cue. Apple's first project initiated by Erlicht and Van Amburg will see the company teaming up with Steven Spielberg's Amblin Television and Comcast's NBC Universal to create new episodes of sci-fi series "Amazing Stories."

Article Link: Apple Hires Former Amazon Studios Exec to Lead International TV Development

Urban Joe

Mar 19, 2012
If the content is good I might check it out. So far Amazon programming hasn't really done it for me. They have been trying awefully hard. I expect Apple will over dose their stuff with highly nuanced politically correct ideas.


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Mar 26, 2010
The Mac Mini went ignored for years so this decision could get an Apple–infamous one-in-a-thousand “yes”.


macrumors member
Jun 30, 2007
for what it’s worth, the network referenced at the end of the article is WGN America not WGB America. Here in Chicago, its our favorite local morning news. go cubbies, better luck next year :)


Staff member
Dec 7, 2012
for what it’s worth, the network referenced at the end of the article is WGN America not WGB America. Here in Chicago, its our favorite local morning news. go cubbies, better luck next year :)

Whoops, wrong letter slipped in there. Fixed it up, thank you :)


Oct 21, 2008
Time, because it rules EVERYTHING!

Apple said they will spend a billion dollars on original content, Amazon spent about 2.4 billion this year and is increasing its budget for 2018, Netflix next year is spending about 8 billion dollars... if Apple was anywhere near serious abuse it taking on Netflix and Amazon, it needs to spend way way way more then its pocket change gesture.
Considering all the hard talk from Apple on how it’ll compete in this market, it needs to put its money where it’s mouth is like everyone else does.
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Michael Scrip

macrumors 603
Mar 4, 2011
When will Apple rebrand their video service?

Will these shows really be on Apple Music from now on?

Though it could be a cool selling point... come for the TV shows... stay for 40 million songs! ;)

Also... are any streaming services pursuing reality programming? Not Kardashians... but maybe house-flipping shows? Those types of shows are fairly cheap to produce. Or game shows?

And I have to wonder how many views each series gets. I know the streaming services aren't really concerned with ratings... but there's only so much time a person can devote to television.

There are hundreds of hours of programming on streaming every night... in addition to hundreds of hours on traditional cable TV.

Oh and let's not forget the thousands of episodes of back-catalog stuff. Just Grey's Anatomy alone has 13 seasons available on Netflix.

That's 228 hours of programming... and that's just one series!

I dunno... it seems like all these streaming services are spending billions on creating original content... but there is already so much "old" stuff to watch too. (and they have to pay for the rights for those as well!)

I'd be curious to know how much Netflix pays for the rights to Grey's Anatomy and how many views it gets... versus how much they pay for an original show and how many views it gets.

I'm guessing the goal for Netflix is to have 100% original content so they don't need to pay for external rights. But there's also 50 years of television out there that people still love to watch. :)

So that's my final question... will streaming ever have their "Friends" or "Seinfeld" moment?

Or is it all becoming too diluted?

I just counted 60 new TV series just in 2017 and just on Netflix. I can't even process that. :confused:
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Lesser Evets

macrumors 68040
Jan 7, 2006
Did he go to the Ray Price Amazon school of sexual wit and charm?

Perhaps he can start a show called, "You WILL love my DICK!"
The theme song is a chant; it's a hypnotic love ballad.
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macrumors 65816
Apr 24, 2010
TV and media is a scumbag business. If you lie down with dogs then you are a dog, good luck with all this Apple.
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