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    I am playing with the Apple Home Kit push notifications at the moment, before I am buying my Home Pod. My hub is my iPad Pro at the moment.

    I have changed my iPhone so that its 'Status and Notifications' setting should be to 'Allow Notifications' at 'Any time' when 'People' setting is 'Nobody is Home'. I am using 5 Hue motion sensors and Hue lights.

    However, it doesn’t work. Is the iPad Pro considered a “person home”? Do I need a Apple TV or a Home Pod for this feature?

    Thx guys!

    Shared location is on (iCloud/Home).

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    Hey. When you leave home is your iPad connected to the mains and charging? The iPad will only act as a home hub when it’s plugged into the electric. Hope that helps?
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    you pick one of your devices to be the location.

    From what I've seen on the forums, and my limited experience with them, the location aware alerts are a little wonky.

    and to clarify, you "being home" is gps based. Just turning off wifi on your phone will allow you to test "remote" access to your home using the hub over cellular, but you are still "home" as far as automations are concerned.
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    I didn’t tried that, because I thought it’s bad for the battery.

    I will try that.
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    I don't think it harms the battery at all. Give it a try first to see if it works.
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    I find that these notifications take a little time to settle in. For example, I have 5 devices acting as Home Hubs... 3 Apple TV’s, a HomePod and an iPad Pro, 4 of which are on standby (for backup) and 1 actively connected. There are five users in my Apple Home. Whenever my active connected Home Hub changes (seems to do so sporadically), the notifications get all screwed up for a couple hours, then go back to working normally. Make sure also that anyone sharing your HomeKit Home has location services and the HomeKit slider checked to the on position. My nanny got a new phone recently and it drove me crazy constantly getting motion notifications. It’s because hers was still using her old iPhone for the HomeKit home and not the new one. Both phones were on her iCloud account still but that old iPhone was sent back on a trade in.

    Whatever causes this issue needs to be fixed though... or at least allow us to permanently set any Home Hub we want.

    I also find that resetting the Home Hubs helps with this, mainly the connected one. Seems to need to be done way to often though which is annoying.

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