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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by dave2122, Dec 4, 2009.

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    Dec 4, 2009
    Hi everyone

    All right here is my problem I am a mac user and love mac dont really want to go back to windows but I may have to just to get my whole home operating through windows media center and media extenders What I would really like to do is buy a mac mini use parallels 5 with windows 7 ultimate so that I have windows media center and hook eye tv into the mac so I can get live tv(reason for parallels and not just bootcamp is because I do use mac os a lot and really only need to run windows media center and would like them running along side each other). then have my xbox 360 in the living room be used as a media extender and also buy a media extender for the bedroom allowing me to get live tv and recorded tv in the living room and bedroom all from one source which is the mac mini.

    I have heard that you can. you first need to bootcamp your mac then once thats done go in mac os and run parallels and it will work

    -can you do this if not can you at least do this via bootcamp

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    Oct 25, 2008
    I admit I am having trouble following your statements and questions.

    Parallels and VMware Fusion don't require bootcamp to set up virtual Windows. You just need the software and a copy of Windows. I would check with each to see if they support Windows 7 now. (I still use XP for my purposes).

    I am unsure about your desire to have "live" tv piped throughout your home as it would be just one channel at a time. - Meaning if you are set to channel X, then all other parts of the home would have to view that* channel.

    Unfortunately, no matter what people say, there is no one perfect solution for all needs to all people. Some systems do wonderful stuff but remain limited in some other areas as far as bells and whistles go.

    While I can't qualify "live TV' here, I would suggest that a good NAS for storing media would be a great fit for you. PS3 and XBox can exploit many of the new systems that are meant to stream media files. Plex on Mac and XBMC on WIndows or Mac can do this as well.

    (NAS - network attached storage) For NAS, you may want to go over to the the smallnetbuilder web site for reviews. Many have Twonky installed which is the heat of media streaming on those devices or at least a counterpart.

    If you are looking for a server/application using/media fluff machine, I think Mac wont be your solution. - At least the way I think you were describing your ideas above. Btw, if* any Windows video is required, then virtual Windows wont be a good choice. Items like Powerdvd nor WinDVD will work properly as they require the true video drivers and not the 'adaptor' device drivers found within Parallels. On the other hand, a boot camp'd Windows should work.

    Hope this gives you some food for thought and sorry no solutions offered.

    Good Luck!

    - Phrehdd

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