Apple "Honor System"?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by arklab, Aug 20, 2011.

  1. arklab macrumors member

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    Please excuse this question, but though my wife is well into her second iMac, I've always been a Windows guy and always wondered about this.

    I'm well aware that Apples software - the OS X, iLife, and iWork - are available in both single use and 5-machine Family Packs for just a few dollars more.

    What I've always wondered is just how Apple enforces this without resorting to MS's rather draconian "Activation" scheme?

    All I can imagine is simply an "Honor" system of Apple trusting its users.

    Thanks for letting me get this off the back of my mind.
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    Apr 2, 2008
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    As stridemat states, it has been an honor system in the past. Now that Apple is moving to the App Store model, you can legally buy once and install apps on all of your Macs anyway. They have stopped offering family packs on the App Store because of this.
  4. arklab thread starter macrumors member

    Feb 26, 2005
    Thanks to both!
    Now I finally know.

    But not to get "picky", but the Apple Store is still offering "Family Packs" on everything - except Lion on USB - but just are not offering the "Box Set" which reduced price even further.

    Well, I suppose this shouldn't be a surprise.
    After all the Mac community have been paying a premium for hardware for a very long time.
    And it seems to have been working, too.

    Thanks again.
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    Do you mean the Apple online store, or the Mac App Store? The 1st is the website that sells the (essentially) the same stuff as the physical stores like computers, cables and software .... the 2nd is the online only, "App" store that sells just software, most of which is not available in the physical stores.

    I've never felt I've been paying a premium for my Mac systems. I have felt that I'm paying for a premium system. And the difference is crucial, to my mind.

    I know I can get a non-Apple system for less money, but when I look at non-Apple systems that feel as solid and work as well, the price is just about the same. When I got my Mac Pro in 2008 a fellow over at ZDNet, who was always having fun poking fun at Macs and their prices stated that the 2008 Mac Pro was absolutely the best workstation to be had for the money. I forget his name now, but he'd build his own AIO out of plywood bolted to the back of an old flat-screen monitor.

    To each their own....
  6. arklab thread starter macrumors member

    Feb 26, 2005
    Apple calls their online store "Apple Store".
    I think I was quite specific and accurate, thank you.

    Many have their favorite system, and degrading those who may differ proves little or nothing.

    After having to spend hours online with Apple Support (which is first rate) fixing up my wifes i-Macs, I can attest that Macs are not bullet proof.

    Nether is Windows or Linux.

    I'd like to thank again those who helped provide me with insites to my question.
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    An Island in the Salish Sea
    Yes, you were. You also seem to be unaware that Apple also has an App Store. Which is why I also described them in case that was the case. Jzuena was accurate when they said that Family Packs are no longer offered on the App Store - which is different than the Apple Store where, apparently, they are still offered.
    I was not degrading you.... I was challenging your use of the word "premium". Paying a "Premium Price" implies that the buyer is paying more than they should, and is - oh, let's say - slightly degrading to the purchaser. Paying for a "Premium System" implies something else that does not imply something negative. I was just trying to be accurate as well, with my words.

    For the record, the only Windows users I "degrade" are my friends... and trust me, they give as good as they get. For people I don't know, I don't comment on their OS choice.

    No arguments from me on that. I've spent enough time with AppleCare to agree with you. And running them into the shop for repairs too.

    I honestly meant no dis-respect. There are two online stores, similarly named. One sells "Family Packs" - the other one sells apps, all of which you can install on multiple machines. It sounded like you were not aware of that.... that's all.

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