Apple, How "Green" are they?

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by OdduWon, Dec 10, 2007.

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    Jul 4, 2006
    Every time I walk past the Apple store in notice how darn bright it is. The amount of light streaming out on to the street is amazing. Even when you are inside it seems too bright. I recently passed on the new AL iMac because of the near mirror reflection of the glass screen in hi lumens environments, not good for ARCH offices, or your eyes. That said, how green does the MR community think apple is?

    -How do you all feel about the environmental impact of apple stores?
    -Do you feel the lighted display walls are necessary? A better alternative to print?
    -I know there are more efficient stores than the San Luis Obispo location, does anyone know any others besides the Chicago store with the Living roof?
    -What could apple do with there 15 Billion to extend the efficiently to their Stores like they do to their hardware?
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    Jan 11, 2007
    Most any business is driven by profit. Environmental responsibility and perceptions are only paid attention to, if they can increase their bottom line.

    There are a few exceptions out there - unfortunately only a few.

    If "people" expect businesses to be green - it has to start with us, the consumer. As a whole - our society is extremely wasteful. Until we demand energy efficiency, minimal parasitic drain, and CHANGE OUR LIVES to conserve - don't expect much from anyone else.

    I drive a TDI (45-50mpg) keep my thermostat at 52 degrees F (it's winter - and yes, 52F) and have all CFL lighting in my home. Recycle MORE than my municipal waste company will deal with - but even what I do is "minimal" in the grand scheme of things.

    That said - many "green" changes come with a green cost. ROHS components are still pricy, recycling infrastructure costs money and takes time to set up. Many "environmentally responsible" options are in heavy contrast with what consumers want. Who wants to buy a considerably slower Mac with a dull display that looks like recycled paper? What if it were more expensive then a shiny, fast bright one? Would not be so appealing to most people.

    How "Green" is Apple? At the given state of Apple - how is it truly possible for them to be green? A company that needs to sell product - materials - to stay in business? Especially one that is "trendy" and puts heavy emphasis on the "latest and greatest" with "cutting-edge designs". That's a tough equation to wrap up into Green. Their good intentions may be in one corner - but the true heavyweight on the other side is Profit. Just ask the underpants gnomes.

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