Apple ID and two iPhones confusion

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by Unhyper, Sep 25, 2013.

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    Apr 7, 2010
    My dad upgraded his and my stepmom's iPhones to iOS7 on his own and used his iCloud account to set both up, merging contacts etc in the process.

    I removed my dad's iCloud from her phone, opting to keep the merged contacts data on it, and then created an iCloud account for my stepmom. I also erased the third-party apps and downloaded them again on her account so that when they get updated later on it won't ask for my dad's credentials. So the iCloud settings and App Store were switched over to her iCloud...all was well.

    But it turns out that iMessage doesn't get its account info from the iCloud page and I just forgot all about it. My dad tried to replace the iMessage account but didn't succeed so I am going to drive over there later. Because I've never dealt with multiple iCloud/Apple accounts I wanted to verify some things.

    1) Since it seems that the initial Apple ID entered into the phone permeates pretty well throughout the system, would it be easier to just back up the data, reset the phone, log in with her ID, and then restore the backup? My concern is that if I don't do this I'll just end up having to drive over again and again when it turns out there's an app, song, or something else that was downloaded/set up using his/previous ID.

    2) Does the backup include data and settings that belong to the previous/replaced account? Since she's been sending iMessages unintentionally from his account, will those be included in the content restored from the backup? My concern here is that the backup will restore data or settings that refer to my dad's ID and it will render the reset meaningless.

    I'm sorry if this is written in a confusing manner, I'm having trouble sorting this out in my head. Like I said, I only ever deal with one ID on all my Apple devices, so this is a new headache for me.
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    Sep 21, 2011
    It's really easy. Just go to Settings > Messages, deactivate iMessage and then reactivate and choose to use an Apple ID, enter the relevant credentials and it's done.

    It won't affect, and isn't affected by, Apple IDs on other places in the phone, such as in the App Store for instance.

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