Apple ID doesn't work when you forgot Macbook password.

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by timelike, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. timelike, Oct 28, 2013
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    Edit: I see now that I posted this in the MB Air sectiion. This needs to be in the MB Pro one. Idk how to change that.

    I have been trying for a couple of days now.
    I restored a backup from my Time Machine. and everything was well and dandy.
    But now I forgot which password I had on the login screen of my Macbook. (Backup was from last April).
    So I had the chance to reset my password using my Apple ID and password. I've checked, checked and double checked. The logins work perfectly on my ipad. But it simply doesn't work on my macbook.
    I've tried everything. Even changing my apple ID password on a different device just in case I DID forget my Apple ID password/email. But I didn't.

    OSX 10.8.3 is in use right now. And my Macbook Pro is from Late 2012.

    I can only use the Guest User account. And nothing more. I am very frustrating. Is there anyone that can help me and knows what to do?!
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    I'm not quite clear on what you expect.

    Your Apple ID/Password is not connected to the login password on the Mac itself. I dont see how you could reset the Mac login password via your Apple ID.

    The iDevices don't use a login password like the Mac - they use the AppleID.
  3. cerberusss macrumors 6502a


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    I am pretty sure that when I installed Mavericks, it asked me whether I wanted to be able to reset the login password with my Apple ID. Probably won't be the default,so I guess that's why you can't get in.

    If the disk can be removed, you could always put it in an external USB-connected enclosure, and copy off the data that way.

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