Apple ID mix up?


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Dec 3, 2013
Hi all,

on my iPhone 4S, I used to let my friends use their Apple ID to check balances and purchases and other things; I NEVER knew their password. However, now, with any interaction with the App Store, it comes up with 'Enter Apple ID password for'. I click cancel. Then almost the same thing comes up: 'Enter Apple ID password for'. I click cancel. Then it comes up again for some other Apple ID. This will happen about five times in total.

How can I delete these Apple IDs from the phone's memory?


Winona Northdakota

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Dec 27, 2010
Apple ID mix up?

Thanks! How would I stop this?

All purchases are attached to the Apple ID they were downloaded with so to prevent the other Apple IDs from popping up when trying to update that specific app you need to delete the app from your iPhone then download it so that it is attached to your Apple ID.
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