Apple ID on reset iPhone 6s+... not mine

Discussion in 'iOS 10' started by mac&cheesey, Nov 3, 2016.

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    Wondering if anyone has encountered this before...

    I purchased a new iPhone 7+ to replace my 6s+. On my iPhone 6s+ I turned off Find My iPhone and unlinked it from my Apple ID account. Then I reset it. It came back on. Wiped clean. All was as expected. I turned the phone off and left if for about 2 weeks. Today, I turned it on to get the serial number. While going through the set up screens so that I could get to the serial number I get to the apple ID screen and it says my phone is locked to an Apple ID. It gives the first letter and then the ending. It's an "" address. I've never had an AppleID using a yahoo email. In fact, I've never had a yahoo email address.

    It's worth noting, I bought the phone new and factory unlocked from Apple. Nobody else has used it. Nobody else set it up. Nobody else has had physical access to the phone.

    Update - Just got off of the phone with Apple Support. I've had to submit proof of purchase to them in order for them to look at clearing off the association to that AppleID (the yahoo one). I sent my receipt, my shipping notification and my AppleCare+ enrolment. Now I wait. They said it could take 5 days. Glad I didn't have a seller lined up already.

    Has this happened to anyone else? Any idea how this could have occurred if nobody had access to my device?

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    Lots of posts about it, been going on for about a year, seems Apple standard response is what you got. 2nd hand owners of such devices would seem screwed as they won't have proof of the original purchase...
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    Users Report Some iPhone 7 and 6s Models Activation Locked With Wrong Apple IDs
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    It's a bit disturbing that this problem hasn't been fixed yet. It was first reported a few weeks ago.

    What the hell is going on with Apple's activation servers???

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