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    I have a Mac Mini, iPhone, Apple TV, and Apple Watch and been using them fine. Tonight I used my MacBook Air that I hadn't used in a few weeks. It told me that my AppleID or password was invalid. I retyped it a few times with no luck. It then sent me to reset it. I did that. Now all my devices repeat this same message and I'm positive I'm typing it right. The other odd thing is my iPhone seems to have access to everything it should need my iCloud ID for after it says it was invalid. Any ideas how to fix?
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    so, all device repeat same message because u reset the password,,, have u tried the new password,,?

    If it works, update your devices with new password, and if u can get in, you'll know what cased the problem.
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    May 6, 2008
    I did try the new password of course... on all the devices... of course. Keep in mind that I use this password all the time, so its not like I forgot it. The first device that claimed it was wrong, left me baffled, and I retyped it several times very slowly. After changing it successfully, I again tried slowly to type it in to no avail. I deal with dozens of passwords every day and so it may sound like I just typed it wrong, but I am 100% positive that was not the case here. When I changed it in this case, I changed it to something that was only one letter's case away from the original... so perhaps that led to confusion... but passwords are case sensitive so don't know why.

    I did go back after and changed it again, from my Mac Mini, to something completely different from my past passwords. I was then able to successfully log in to the devices. But then I got one prompt yesterday on my phone that it was wrong... didn't try to log back in again and its been fine sense. Looking back, I will also say that my Apple TV 4 has been telling me the password was wrong too over the last month; yet I could still access iCloud pictures and download apps. But during those times, all the other devices were fine.

    So something is definitely acting strange but seems to be working for now. If anyone else has this going on then maybe we can get a few more clues and figure it out.
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    Log out of iCloud on all devices and then log back in. I have had similar issues in the past.

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