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    My wife and I both have iPhones. (mine 4S and hers is a 4) She synchs hers to her computer/iTunes and I synch mine to my own computer. The problem is that she uses my Apple id. I would like to switch hers to her own email address/Apple id but everything I read assumes that I want to change my Apple id. I want to keep mine but change hers. Any help?
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    Probably best to design a plan for Apple IDs before setting up the 4s. The iCloud and other new services open up great flexibility with Apple IDs but along with them potential for confusion.

    Consider that you can use a different Apple ID for every one of the following services on a single device:

    iTunes (Store)
    iCloud (includes Find My iPhone and Backup)
    Find Friends
    and there may be others I have yet to discover!

    Keep in mind that when an Apple ID is created they allow you to associate additional email addresses to it. This can be help or hindrance depending on how you structure your and use your accounts.

    Our case may be similar to yours - She inherited my iPhone 4 and got the 4s.

    We still want to share purchased apps - so we both kept the same old Apple ID for use with iTunes under Settings\Store.

    Because my email was the one used to create the iTunes account it was important that I get to use that email for connection services. Let's call it my "".

    For the Cloud - I created a new Apple ID for the cloud - so that my family can't accidently or purposefully dabble into it. Let's call it "". I created this using a new email address.

    She needed her own Apple ID for the cloud we created one based on her current email address. Let's call the

    So here's how we stack out:
    ------------- my 4s --------- her 4 ------------
    iTunes (Store) original.ID original.ID
    HomeSharing original.ID original.ID
    iMessage original.ID
    FaceTime original.ID

    So I keep my email address on the services I want people to connect with me on. She gets her email address associated with the same. Note that I used my private iCloud ID for my FindFriends ID to keep from being invited by people outside my family.

    This is certainly more than you were asking for but given your question it was hard to know how to answer so perhaps this post will help you in some way. It is certainly a boat load of flexibility/complexity that iOS5 has delivered for service identification.

    Good Luck

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