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    I'm sure this is in the forum somewhere, but I can't seem to find what I specifically need. Over the years I have amassed a fair amount of movies, tv shows and music in my iTunes account. I'd like to be able to have these be shared within our household over the apple tv etc so that we can all watch them. I do not however wish to share my apple ID password with everyone in the house. Is there a way to assign my music to a new ID (I know we get Alias's), and then keep my ID and password to myself ?

    Thanks in advance
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    Use iTunes Home Sharing. Create a separate Apple ID to use for the home sharing and that way if they need to set up home sharing again they have a password that isn't personal to anyone in the house.
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    For music (which does not have DRM) homesharing under a separate Apple ID should work. But it won't for protected content such as movies and TV shows from iTunes, since they cannot be played back without authorizing the playback device using the Apple ID the content was purchased under. In case of the Apple TV it should not be a problem though: Just enter the password yourself initially, others will not be able to see it afterwards.

    There is currently no way to transfer content between different iTunes accounts.

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