Apple ID Two-Factor Authentication lockout

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    Jan 16, 2013
    Can anyone with experience tell me how long it is before they will send you new codes to your trusted number if you've sent too many times?

    Stupid me decided to do it when resetting my iPhone and it got me in a screen and I couldn't receive texts or calls when in the setup screen until it failed and I go to my home screen and then bam, theres my text but because I hit call last and I didnt get the call and so I don't know what the last code sent was, I am now locked out of my Apple ID.

    This is why I never do two-factor authentication. I've been burned way too many times, I should know better. I'd rather have someone gain access to my Apple ID than be locked out of it. Fuming at Apple right now.
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    Actually found out by going to my rescue email address and turning it off there worked. Whew.
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    I hate Two-Factor Annoyance but on Apple I had to turn it on after it refused my security questions saying they were wrong but they were right so when I called Apple support which they are US based and great my questions were right so after resetting them and my password I turned it on so I won't have issues like that again. Apple security is overboard at best. Google Two-Factor Annoyance is not as annoying. It does not ask for useless security questions so it does not really need to be turned on.

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