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Sep 3, 2013
Sydney Australia
M2 iPad Pro here.

Ever since iPadOS 16, I keep getting asked to enter my password when I try to open my iCloud details in settings - “Apple ID Verification” keeps showing up.

I enter the correct password but I keep getting prompts saying that my password is incorrect and “Verification Failed” pop up.

So basically I cannot view or edit my iCloud details on my iPad at all. I am still logged onto the iPad itself, can download apps etc.

Is this an iPadOS 16 bug?



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Oct 26, 2008
Yes only on the iPad. Never seen this on the iPhone or watch or MacBook.

Same Apple ID on iCloud and App Store.
I asked because I saw this too.
Apparently I have some sort of file on my phone that uses my other iTunes account.

When I changed the store account then back it went away.

For some reason I was able to change the store account 1 time. When I went back to change it back it would not allow me until after a restart.

The his never happened prior to 16
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