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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Superluigi6, Sep 23, 2014.

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    Oct 3, 2013
    I share an Apple ID with my family. On the ID, I have 3 iPod touches, 2 iPads, and 1 iPhone. Texting (if I wanted to text the iPhone from iTouch, it shows up as one of the other iTouches) and money issues have made it hard to keep in one, so we've considered moving to our own separate IDs for each device.

    However, if I get a new ID for my iPod touch, what will happen to all my music (from iTunes Store and ones that aren't), and my apps and their data, photos, messages, etc?

    Most of my music is from CDs (nothing much from iTunes Stores) and we don't have Photo Streams.
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    Even before iOS8 and Family Sharing, there was/is Home Sharing. So, purchases from one account can be shared with others in the same household. Example: you buy an app, spouse can download for no charge using your Apple ID and password. Same goes for music and other iTunes purchases. You just need to authorize each device (and/or computer). It's legal and supported by Apple.

    Having said that, for music you ripped into iTunes from CDs, you don't even need to "share" it. You can just copy it from one account to the other.

    I highly encourage you to "break up" the Apple IDs as you plan. It's much cleaner. Also, everyone gets their own iCloud files and backup as a bonus.
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    Yes with Family Sharing it's easy to break up in to separate Apple ID's for each person in the family.

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