Apple II (Classic) Games

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    May 30, 2002
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    Hi Everyone,

    Down the internet rabbit hole I go and found, to me and hopefully to some of you a gold mine.

    Classic Apple II Games!

    Strip Poker: Melissa & Suzi - never new such a game EVER would exist on Apple
    Strip Poker: David & Tony
    Karateka - first introduction to Apple back in 84 and to computer games! Still LOVE this and on iOS and remake as well if you're so inclined!
    E.T. - E.T Man!! LMAO ... thought this title ONLY existed on Atari 2600 Original.
    Zaxxon! - I didn't even remember this UNTIL I saw the title! I must've played this a hundred times in the actual arcade on the arcade machine ... you remember those!!!
    [MIND BLOWN for a moment Arcade!]

    Load Runner
    Castle Wolfenstein - 2 versions, unsure if I ever played but some may like it.
    Wheel of Fortune - meh but hey there is some knowledge there I'm sure.
    Goonies - aha!
    Karate Champ?
    Flight Simulator 1 - man this looks more realistic than the modern games; odd isn't it?

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