Apple II game we used to play in elementary school

Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by jbaker84, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. jbaker84 macrumors newbie

    Aug 23, 2008
    There was an interesting game that we used to play in 3rd and 4th grade. It was an educational program focused on math. The game consisted of the player going room to room inside of a pharoah's tomb, but to proceed, you would need to solve a math problem. I don't know what it would be called, and all I can remember was that we were playing this game right side of oregon trail and spellevator. Thanks!
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    Aug 23, 2008
    Nope, this one is a real stumper. It's pretty much text based with graphics surrounding a text field. I've been looking for hours! :( It's got a neat ending with a tomb of treasure and the like. But yeah, you've got to solve a math problem to move on. It's a purely educational game. Thanks!

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    Aug 10, 2006
  5. Coldacre macrumors member

    Sep 7, 2008
    Note: Requires Windows and either Mozilla Firefox Or Microsoft Internet Explorer............... Oliver is now working on a Mac OS X version which will be available at a later date.

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    Aug 7, 2008
    Net Trek?? Wasn't that an Apple II game popular in schools way back in the day?
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    Haha, that's great!
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    I know I'm a bit late to this thread: do you mean the Secret Island of Dr. Quandary? I loved that one. :D
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    Jun 22, 2015
    I may know the game you're talking about, but I haven't been able to find it either. I knew it under the name "Calculated Risk", and you start out going to the Egyptian stores having to pick up food, weapons, ammo, and other supplies, and you had to HAGGLE for the best prices (Note, I remember if you keep lowballing the shopkeeper, you're banned from the store and the shopkeeper says "GET OUT! And may the sun bleach your bones!". Then, after you finish that part of things, you go into the pyramid where you fight monsters and mummies and other raiders and you can pick up treasures and weapons (best weapon was a sword to run the monsters through. Killing raiders especially netted you other food and supplies.

    You could starve to death or die of thirst there if you didn't calculate your proper supply needs, and between every major "Level", you had to answer a math problem to the Sphinx guardian. If you died either brutally or you died from hunger or thirst, the "death sequence" was your character looking dead and turning multicolored to the beat of some funeral dirge music. For an Apple II game, it was very well done. I just have never to this day found it either under the "Calculated Risk "name or any other (Pyramids of Egypt I don't think is it, but I may be mistaken).
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    Jul 19, 2013
    Anyone remember what the game was called that we used to play in school on our Apples in like the year 2000. It was a Zoo game of some sort..
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    My dad actually made that game back in 1984ish. There were only a handful of copies sold. I was just discussing it with colleagues and decided to search for it. No mention anywhere but here.

    I'm glad you guys enjoyed it. He spent around a year of working around the clock making it. I was 14 at the time and spent many hours playtesting. At the time there were basically no resources that taught you how to make games so it was missing a lot of ideas -- like double buffering the graphics!
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    Feb 11, 2017
    i remember a game where you have to move a white rabbit using math and there was a hedgehog croquet game in it too. been trying to find it. anyone have any idea what i'm talking about?

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