Apple Imac 27 horror story

Discussion in 'iMac' started by thepixel, May 29, 2010.

  1. thepixel macrumors newbie

    May 26, 2010
    Hello all,

    I'm so pissed that I had the idea to buy this piece of crap! Sorry for the complain but I would reserve the right to tell you my horror experience with this Apple computer and their service.

    My story begins on last February 19th, I went to the Apple Store at 14th street in NYC, to buy the new Imac 27" with the ultimate screen what created my ultimate problems.

    The experience to buy an Apple computer is awesome, everybody is pretty kindly and well prepared to make you feel as you are in the best place of the world.

    I did what I was supposed to do, bought the new Imac and brought it home.
    I was so happy unboxing the machine looking all details, all plastic protections and put that beautiful machine on my work table, after that I was taking out the plastic from the screen I could see DENTS ON THE TOP OF THE ALUMINUM.

    Let's go back to the store. I showed the problem and they exchanged the machine by first time.

    The second machine was ok, but I started to pay attention to the yellow tinge and gray band at the bottom of the screen. Took it back to store again and they exchanged by one more time. But I decided to open and test the machine on the store, and for my surprise the machine had more than 12 dead pixels in black and they couldn't believe either, it was very ashamed for them.

    They brought another one in and it looked ok in a first glance, but as I opened the Photoshop with a black screen I could see 15 more dead pixels in white and some in red :/

    As I went to the store by 2 times spending a total of $150 bucks with a cab, I decided to call the Apple Care and make the replacement with them. and I did that in a very successful way, the replacement happened in two weeks later I received my new machine shipped directly from China to my home.

    I received this new replacement at March 29th, and It looked ok, but after 10 days I could see some weird gray dots on the screen and every time I tried to restart I gotta a kernel panic. I called the Apple Care again and left a message to the same guy that did the replacement. He contacted me one week later and asked me to send pictures for him to send for the Apple engineers evaluated them.

    I sent the pictures and the kernel panic logs, and he just answered me at April 21st saying me to bring the machine back to store again and they will do the replacement, but I told him I wouldn't do that because I've spent a lot of money, and if I should come back to store I would a refund for the transportation because as the machines weren't in a good shape it wasn't my fault.

    He agreed with me and told me to wait until he spokes with his manager, and after that I waited and called him so many times with no response and on May 15th I was tired to wait and decided go back to the store and explain the problems.

    I showed the problem for the genius and asked a replacement, but the genius was completed stupid with no eye contact with me and when I tried to show him the receipts he didn't pay attention on those as well, after that I asked to speak with a manager, and the manager told me that wasn't possible to make the replacement because the machine was out of the 14 days, and even I told and showed them my emails and calls to Apple Care they refused to replace and told me to wait the Apple Care call me back.

    but What? Wait one more month with no response? at that time I was really pissed and told them to make the possible repair to take the gray spots out of the screen and fix the kernel panics.

    They analyzed the machine, exchanged the screen, the glass (I don't know why they did that), and the memories.

    One week later I went to the store to pick up the machine and after to wait almost 45 minutes for them to put the machine on the table, and for my new surprise the glass was completely dirt behind and cracked in the middle.

    The genius took it back, exchanged the glass, but it came back completely dirt again, he tried one more time, and scratched the aluminum along side the apple logo in front!!!!!

    He opened a new issue to replace the case, and told me it will be done by last monday, yesterday (friday) I called to the store to know what's going on, and somebody told me to wait until the end of day a call from a manager.

    Again I waited with no response, and today I went to the store and spoke with a manager and she told me they received the case and they are going to have it done by next monday.

    But wait, they had one week to did the case replacement, and they are going to do that in one day. I should say that they are out of the 5 days they promissed me it should have been done.

    The manager told me the absurd that I could take it home last week with the scratches and we were done. I told her it was completely ridiculous. I paid for a new machine, and if it comes with scratches I would rather buy a refurbished and save $300 bucks.

    The thing that most pissed me off is they never assume their fault, they are always trying to say that I'm the problem looking for something perfect, I understand that nothing is perfect, but I paid the double of the price in an Apple machine to be closest of what is perfect, is that wrong? and the problems that I'm having is from a bad quality product.

    I'm here waiting them to replace the case, I will pick up the machine when it's done and probably sell that, because as they couldn't clean a glass well and crack it, can you imagine what can they do replacing the case?

    My Injury until now is:
    - 1 month without a machine.
    - $200 bucks waste with transportation.
    - I gotta the i5 to save $200.
    - My hour time is around $120 if I make the math, I will go crazy.

    I love the apple products but I'm very disappointed and I feel that the world needs to now what happens on the backstage.
    If something is hard to understand, sorry english is my second language.
  2. ouimetnick macrumors 68020


    Aug 28, 2008
    Beverly, Massachusetts
    Call customer relations, and tell them the story. Or email this your thread to them. Tell them to do something. I'm sure they will compensate for all the wasted time, or do something really nice.
  3. Jason Beck macrumors 68000

    Jason Beck

    Oct 19, 2009
    Cedar City, Utah
    Agreed. Rather than post your story to the threads here you should have been on the phone with customer care. Apple will take care of you but you have to get them to. Make some calls, if you sound half as distressed as your typing then I am certain you will make out okay.

    That being said, it does suck being the odd one out with problems like this. This happens with every company. And if people got in touch with customer care of the company they bought from more than half the time they will be taken care of. Well, depending on the company.

    At least in Apple's case, from my dealings and what I have read, you should get ahold of relations a.s.a.p. and they will take care of you. That is a bummer. Get it handled.
  4. thereur macrumors member

    Nov 24, 2008
    Though my experiences at the Modesto store were not as bad, based on the quality of the personnel there, this story does not surprise me. Is it better to take issues to a certified repair provider (not the Apple store)?
  5. thepixel thread starter macrumors newbie

    May 26, 2010
    Hey guys,

    Thanks for your time :)
    I will try to call their customer relations and explain what's going on, I thought the apple care is the same as customer relations.

    Apple Store Customer Service
    Is this the correct number: 1-800-676-2775?

    Sorry to ask, but their contact page is a little confuse.

    thereur, I was thinking the same. JR is really good, I tried to buy with them but they were out of stock, and a guy from there told me it was because of the screen problems.

    But what's the most impressive thing for me is the treatment difference between the selling guys to the genius guys, they are very rude, at least the one that I got.

    Thanks again and have a great night
  6. reberto macrumors 65816


    Jul 20, 2005
    Complain to Steve Jobs, he seems to be listening more and more to people lately.
  7. thepixel thread starter macrumors newbie

    May 26, 2010
    Hello all,

    Just for your knowledge I just came back from the store with a refund.

    They called me at first time this morning for me to pick it up. I went to the the store and they offered me a new machine, we just opened it up there and for our surprise it had dead pixels again.

    The manager offered me a refund and I think it is the better way to go.

    I'm done with Imacs 27". let's wait for the next revision.
    Thanks, and congratulations for who has a perfect one :)

    Have a great sunday at all :)
  8. cryer macrumors regular

    May 3, 2010
    Thats is absolutely terrible. Just incredibly bad. Even though you got a refund, you should maybe think about calling customer relations and telling them this with proof. As everyone states, they should do at least something for you.

    So you got 3 replacements and then had multiple repairs on that third one and every replacement and repair was bad? I am getting a second replacement in a week or so and now im even more worried about another bad one. How the hell are people getting good ones? This type of story makes me want to keep my current "bad" one since it has two dead pixels as the main issues. Im afraid a replacement will even be worse.
  9. thereur macrumors member

    Nov 24, 2008
    They absolutely have to be aware this is going on. I'm reminded of an old Walter Mathau movie where a character is caught in bed by his wife. He just keeps repeating, "What are you talking about?" until the girlfriend's packed up and left, leaving the wife confused. Apple's strategy... NEVER admit anything. What's so frustrating is that it's apparently been decided to treat people like this instead of fixing the problem. Scummy way to run a company.
  10. Man-Droid macrumors regular

    Aug 27, 2009
    Tampa, Fl
    I understand that many people are having problems with the 27" iMacs. I still plan on buying one. I do not however plan on going through this never ending exchange ordeal. I have put a one exchange limit on it. If I get a bad machine and then a bad replacement, I intend on calling it quits and just getting a refund. I'll then wait for a product refresh to try my luck again. No sense in going through all of that. Sorry you had so much bad luck.
  11. Michaelgtrusa macrumors 604

    Oct 13, 2008
    Best of luck and I know how you feel. Been their.:)
  12. Pachang macrumors regular

    Dec 17, 2009
  13. mocsharp macrumors member

    Dec 7, 2009
    One very knowledgeable genius told me to wait for next revision. Friends @ apple's cupertino HQ told me the same! So.. ;-)
  14. Heilage macrumors 68030


    May 1, 2009
    I think they're working on it and doing some major damage control at the moment. We'll see what happens when it's updated.
  15. archipellago macrumors 65816

    Aug 16, 2008
    If they had any respect for their customers they would stop sending the POS' out.!
  16. chrono1081 macrumors 604


    Jan 26, 2008
    Isla Nublar
    I'm sorry that is the DUMBEST thing I've ever heard. This conspiracy theorist idea of customer service is just stupid.

    Ok here is my experience with the "scummy company".

    I bought a macbook pro. 1.5 months later I buy an ACD. I call to get applecare on my ACD (I already had it on my pro) and the rep actually just added the apple care for free to the monitor since I bought a macbook pro recently. These two items were not purchased on the same receipt and apple didn't even have to do this, I didn't even ask they just offered.

    Now, that being said I ended up with a defective monitor. Oh well it happens I've worked in electronics long enough to know that its nothing abnormal. For reasons outside my and apples control my monitor got to where I am at 38 days after purchase, well beyond the return period.

    Anyway, I called (it was a refurb monitor) and asked if I could return it and just purchase a new monitor instead since I didn't want to take a chance with another refurb. The rep on the phone not only took the old monitor back (well outside the return period) but also said for the inconvenience they would credit me $170 (so I only paid roughly $130 for the new monitor upgrade) but they also paid full shipping for my return monitor and my new one. And my applecare is still completely valid.

    I'm sorry, Apples customer service is freaking amazing. I never even asked for these credits, free shippings, etc that they gave me. All I did was call and be polite because I used to work at the other end of that phone and I know exactly how it is.
  17. wisty macrumors regular

    Feb 18, 2009
    I can't believe you got so many ****** machines. The only possibility I can think of - when you return the machine, they re-pack it and pass it on to another customer (hoping that they next one won't notice). Now it's gotten to the stage where all their stock has 10+ dead pixels, dents, dodgy chips, etc.

    Someone, somewhere in the supply chain is doing this. It's not likely that Apple wants this kind of shenanigans (it hurts their reputation), but it seems that someone is making a buck out of "bouncing" broken machines to customers, hoping they don't notice the problems.

    Edit: it's possible that you are just the one guy in 100*100*100 (1 in a million) who got a bottom 1% computer ever damn time. Or you are picky or there's QC issues, and you got the bottom 5% computers (which is more probable) ... it's hard to tell. But it could be that *somebody* is selling dud computers as new.
  18. Heilage macrumors 68030


    May 1, 2009
    Yes, but Apple would never admit defeat and stop a product mid-cycle like that. Sadly for the customers, I guess...
  19. MacDannny macrumors member

    Jan 19, 2010
    No, they're really not. I can get free shipping from for a £2.99 game, so I would certainly expect free shipping on Apple hardware.

    are people that far up a company's arse they don't realise quality is falling?

    Just because they speak courteously and politely doesn't mean its great service. At the end of the day, the majority of people who buy these 27 inch iMacs, including myself, are spending over the odds for a computer, and we know that. We chose to spend that much money because apple has monopolised their OS.
    Their service is the same as every other large company's. There is a problem, you call someone, they pass it on to someone else. no one deals with it for a while. you call back, someone else gets involved etc.

    At the end of the day, they do nothing special. They adhere to warranty laws, end of story. Dont say, 'well they have apple care', because YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT $$$.

    Apple is becoming worse with every new product.

    I myself had 3 'dud' imacs, all with various problems. Took them 3 weeks to replace each, finally got a refund that took 5 weeks (from sending back the final replacement) to initiate!!! I recently got a MBP i7, i'm on my third, which is not level, and needs paper under one side.

    It is ridiculous!!
  20. DrHPMW macrumors newbie

    May 31, 2010
    (before you read on know that this is a joke)

    Perhaps the problem lies with the manufacturers.
    You know, the Chinese ones that throw themselves out of windows if they so much as sneeze on an Apple ordained product! Maybe if we whipped these 5c/hour Apple assemblers harder and snuffed those problematic probing human right's journo's, then perhaps we'd see better Apple stock?

    Or we could just decimate the careless truckies throwing Apple-laden boxes into their cabs?

    Otherwise we could just pay those assemblers more, stop lording over them like the SS, and promote the same aesthetic/ambience Apple does in it's flashy stores. Perhaps that way we wouldn't have rushed and damaged stock (to meet relatively unachievable quota's) flooding our stores.

    Just a thought...
  21. MacDannny macrumors member

    Jan 19, 2010
    maybe youre right, but I think international economics may be a bit harder to change :D

    Just a thought, but if Dell, Sony etc get their products made at the same place, by the same people, why exactly do Apple charge around 25% more for equivalently specced gear? hmm...
  22. Eduardo1971 macrumors 65816


    Jun 16, 2006
    Lost Angeles, Ca. usa
    To the thread starter:

    Not to be a jerk; but if you follow this recommendation please let someone proof and rewrite your post prior to moving it up to Apple.
  23. Eduardo1971 macrumors 65816


    Jun 16, 2006
    Lost Angeles, Ca. usa
    As in wait for the next iMac redesign or as in wait for the next iMac CPU refresh?

    I've been waiting to buy my first MAC desktop-a 27 inch iMac but all these posts are scary. It doesn't seem like a coincidence-it seems like a pattern of bad quality control.
  24. brucem91 macrumors 6502

    Dec 9, 2009
    Wow, that sucks. The only bad Apple experience I have is that I have some red burn-in on my almost 1yo MBPu. Now that I was finally able to make a time machine backup, I am thinking about going to apple about it now. But I will say, not sure how it happened, but my mom got a 27" iMac for Christmas, and she has no problems with it. Well, originally, it took forever to get to the apple loading screen, but that was an easy fix, not something "take back to apple" worthy.
  25. thereur macrumors member

    Nov 24, 2008
    No, you misunderstand. Not a conspiracy. More a general practice or policy. I have yet to see an employee say, "Yeah, we've seen this before." They're not going to comment on potential patterns that they see. Additionally, all these returns are in their ordering systems. They're FULLY aware of these problems. Between 1) they're not being honest with us about these issues 2) the extreme runaround that Thepixel experienced.... yes, "scummy company" fits. Though I'm happy you had a good experience, the experiences of others are too numerous too ignore. Scummy, scummy.

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