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    Hi there. I'm really not familiar with Apple computers and I'm looking forward in buying an iMac Intel 21.5-inch. I just wanted to know from you guys that uses Apple computers and the experts, too. What is the difference of Apple and Windows? I mean, obviously they're different systems but, I want to know the details like, browsing the internet, what programs can you use on windows that you cannot use on Imac Intel & even a friend of mine told me once that the Apple keyboard is totally different from Windows, too. Anyway I just want some advices and clear explanation about using Apple and using Windows. I know if I buy it, instead of upgrading my Windows machine. I'm gonna go to the store and check it out and everything, but I just don't want look like a Newbie, and I definitely don't want to regret it(if I buy it) so Thanks for the replies!!!
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    To me, it isn't about Windows 7 or Mac OS x, its about "pros / cons" on each for different tasks. And, its also about the cost.

    Unknown to some, the iMac system is NOT perfect. It has some great things and it has some "needs for improvement" things. Depending on what one does, they may find the "lower cost" Windows xx system better (for their specific usage needs). Not Windows Vista or Windows XP - which has its major problems. Stay with the newer Windows 7 systems - that are much better then prevous Win xx systems.

    If wondering, I'd buy a Win 7 Laptop "entertainment grade" system with external 24" monitor the next time around. Thus, having both portability and desktop setup at "affordable" purchase price. And when it blows in 2-3 years, I'd throw it away and get another "low cost" Win xx replacement. Especially for my basic home user tasks. I know. Its like going into a GM forum and telling others I'd buy a Dodge or Ford next time. But truth be told, the iMac doesn't measure up to my expectations (based on market and industry reputation "hype" from others). Especially for my basic home computing needs vrs dollars to purchase it.

    Below is something I posted on a different (previous) thread. Based on these items and what your friend does on a computer, they can pick their own system. re: Lower cost Win xx system or much higher cost iMac system?


    Personally, I find my HP Laptop running Windows 7 can access and download internet files (even in wirelss mode) much faster then my iMac connected via UTP ethernet. Even with my iMac's MTU set at its optiminal level, the Laptop/Windows 7 machine blows my new iMac out of the water. The iMac is simply "slow" for movie downloads, You Tube viewing and general surfing - expecially all at the same time.

    My wife likes Mac OS pages much better then Window MS Office. She likes its template and immediate spell checking. When creating word docs, she likes using pages, then "saves as" in .doc format.

    The iMac has the FREE feature to save in .PDF format. Instead of sending print job to printer, simply send to .PDF instead. My son then takes this .PDF file and gives to his school teachers via email attachment or USB stick. Thus, not needing MS Office for school assigments. Or, needing to buy PDF writer for our Windows MS Windows system either.

    I find my new iMac for pictures is amazing. Easy to load pictures, easy to view pictures and all pictures are crystal clear. In this area, the iMac is much better then my Windows 7 laptop. With digitial pictures, the iMac actually blows the HP Laptop / Win 7 system out of the water.

    For mail, I like our HP with its Windows 7 Mail package better. For automatic spell checker (in mail and within forums), I like our new iMac better. For viewing You-Tube files, the iMac screen is crystal clear. Although, streaming video can be choppy - while waiting for its next download chunk.

    For automatic backups, I love the IMac's Time Machine. Set it / leave it and it works. A hear WD Automatic Backup software for Win xx systems is an install it and leave it type usage as well.

    For Web caming, I like our HP Laptop / Windows 7 machine "much" better. This bundle includes software that allows you to change WebCam settings. Simple things like Zoom and lighting changes. On the iMac, the iSight Camera is fixed. One needs to buy 3rd party software (re: iGlasses) to change its basic settings. Like gee. Pay $2,000+taxes for an iMac and one has to buy 3rd party software to change their built in WebCam settings? Talk about stupid. Apple Corp needs to shake their head over this gap. Especially since their WebCam pixel ratio (for clearer pictures) is better then other market webcams.

    To change fonts on the iMac, one needs to use a 3rd party software as well. re: Tickertool. It changes some fonts but NOT all. And, it doesn't change Menu sizes (like fixed text within a windows label). Within Windows 7 system, simply go into Video Screen Resoluton and select usge large fonts. re: 125% DPI. All fonts and "menus" become larger. Clean / simple and easy to use. To me, the iMac OS needs this same "one global click" feature.

    The new iMac don't support Jumbo Frame sizes. With Win xx systems, one can cross reference their onboard ethernet cards and if needed, install different eithernet cards.

    My son tells me iTunes on iMac platform is much better then our Windows iTunese system. For iTunes loading, sorting, etc., he uses our new iMac.

    Win XX and virus problems?? I've been using Win xx for years and practice "safe computing" (along with FREE Virus software packages - like MS Essentials). re: I don't visit smut sites, I don't click on "free offers" or open attachments from folks I don't know. Never had a virus problem on my Win xx systems.

    As you can tell, the iMac is NOT perfect. It has some things that are the way behind the Windows 7 systems. But, are better in some areas. As a suggestion, take your large "user needs" checklist and review the Win xx against the Mac OS system side by side. Which system is better - for you? That's the one you buy. Knowing what I know "today", my family should have bought a "beefed up" entertainment class" Win 7 system - instead of our current iMac. Especialy at 2/3 "less cost" then our current iMac system. But, we're now stuck with our new iMac - until it breaks or needs to be replaced.

    Bottom line... Pick the system that is best for you, and your "user needs". As implied, NO system is perfect. Even the iMac platforms...

    Good luck...

  3. kello, Nov 8, 2010
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    Do this, go to Apple's website and watch the "how to" videos in the Mac section. Most notably "PC to Mac: The Basics". It is very simple to learn OSX and unless you are a hardcore computer whiz that needs to write programs and viruses or has to be able to tear apart the computer to upgrade processors then you may find a Mac is for you.

    To put it simple, Macs just work. They do the things you want it to do when you tell it to do something. They are safe, secure, and bulletproof (not literally). Safari reigns supreme in web browsing and most software you may need (like Microsoft Office or Quicken) will work. And if you have software that will only work on windows then use bootcamp. Bootcamp is an app that allows you to format a partition on your hard drive to run windows.

    Bottom line (can't stress enough) they just work... No more crashing; no more trip to geek squard to clean an infected computer; no more blue screen of death. :apple:
  4. Spike88, Nov 8, 2010
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    Forgot to mention...

    For Mac OS Mail program, it took me time (and digging) to create "nicknames" within the address book. This feature doesn't come standard. To me, Address book without default ability of nicknames and auto-populate its address field is useless.

    For Mac OS, I had to immediately install 3rd party player (Flip4Mac) to play Windows based videos. This ability doesn't come standard with iMac.

    To control Volume levels (sound level) out its speakers, I cannot find a Volume control. Gotta use the keyboard buttons. My HP / Windows system has a really cool "physical" slider on its keyboard area. And if I want, I can place its volume control program on its desktop as well. Cannot do that with "out of box" iMac.

    When removing a USB devise (like external HD or USB stick), one must manually eject the item first. Then, physically remove it. Don't understand why apple cannot create a native "auto dismount" feature. re: When USB item is physically removed, it auto-dismounts (re: logically disconnects) as well.

    Someone told that me iMac has the best inSight built in camera. Best Pixel ratio. Yet, one cannot change its basic features - like lighting and zoom. Take any Windows based camera and they "by default" include basic settings - like lighting and zoom. Its like having a show vehicle yet its steering and speed is fixed. Why should someone pay $2K for an iMac then need to pay 3rd party for the ability to change basic settings? Guess that's what some people call "it works".

    Did I mention that Mac OS has small fonts and when changed with apps or with Tickertool (3rd party apps), its applications become distorted? Especially within Safari. Still don't understand why Apple keeps making more DPIs but fail to include the global ability to increase font sizing (and menu sizing) without distortion. Without this feature, one is forced to use small fonts / small menus. And, endure eye strain.

    Did I mention heat? I keep reading that iMacs "run hot". Especially within hot climate days. Apple keeps trying to make them thinner and thinner. But in doing so, they are creating less internal air flow. Thus, they run hot. And, why lots of "is my iMac running hot?" posts on this forum.

    For $2,000+ (base + taxes) for my new iMac, I expected more. Much more "included" and much more features that work "better". Especially since iMacs are 2-3 times "more" costs then Windows based system. To me, the new iMac systems should be flawless - from a physical and ease of usage perspective...

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    Nov 5, 2009
    Well to be fair, the latest iMacs apple has released have been the coolest running iMacs. Although the iMacs are getting thinner and thinner, their cooling efficiency goes up with each sequential model release. Also, the vast majority of people posting worrying about their iMac's temperature are only doing it because like many others, they've probably touched the top of the iMac at one point and thought to themselves "that's pretty damn hot!"
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    Jan 25, 2010
    Did I also mention that iMacs don't play BluRay either? To be fair, they do if someone wants to attach lots of 3rd party parts. Natively, no BluRay Players on iMac systems either. Do they work? Sure... Only for CDs / DVDs. But not for BluRays. Sad that iMac has a gap in this area as well...


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