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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by ukjabber, Jan 13, 2010.

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    I have a quick question and please don't flame me as I'm fully aware of copyright laws etc etc.

    A client wants to use an ipod image for a promotion they are doing.
    Basically they are giving away 20 ipod nanos. No competition. No destruction of the image or adding weird backgrounds to the image or anything like that. Just a straight drop on a plain background.

    Now under copyright law I shouldn't use the image. I am fully aware of that. However, we are not selling the item so would we be liable for a lawsuit if the client is caught using it? Would Apple go after them? I know this is conjecture but other opinions would be welcome. I really am loathed to use the image without permission. Someone has taken effort and time to take the photo and then edit it etc etc and I always buy images for projects rather than nick them off the net as clients always ask.

    Stupid question I know but I'd like some other views on this.
    I'm exceptionally cautious about using one of Apple's own images directly because of breach of copyright. I am looking to see if I can purchase an alternative image but the client is a bit tight and the minute I mention "buying an image" they start asking why should they pay. My other alternative is to take a photo but to be honest I'm not a photographer and it's certainly not going to be as good as Apple's image. I could draw one but again the client doesn't want to pay for the time. Plus I don't own a nano so I'd have to be sneaky and take one down at the store, which I'm also not relishing.

    I just wish clients understood the value of people's work, be that time or effort but let's face it most think we should just "knock something up".

    What's your views?
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    das Fort
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    thanks very much. Will digest and pass onto the client for them to make the decision now.

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