Apple - Improve File Transfers!!! (Also, Macbook Heat Question)

Discussion in 'macOS' started by dotdotdot, Jun 7, 2008.

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    The best thing about Windows Vista besides aesthetic improvements is definitely the new explorer. Simplistic ways of navigating literally anywhere on your computer doesn't even need typing - one or two clicks maximum. And with the new navigation came a new method of files being transferred.

    I just transferred 300 GB of files between a PC and a Mac, from a Mac HFS+ Harddrive since Vista 64 can't read those drives. Well, when I loaded music into iTunes, I found I was missing just 11 songs from Vista's Hard Drive. But unlike Vista, which lets you "Merge" folders (it will only copy over the files if they are newer or missing) OS X required me to completely delete the transfer and start all over again. Now, I have 10 more songs on my Mac than my PC.

    Why can't OS X merge folders!? Its only copy or replace - Merge is the greatest thing. You can literally stop a file transfer and resume it and no data will be lost on Vista. So why can't OS X do that? And if it can, how?

    (And now a side question - my MacBook hits 70 degrees constantly. I finally propped it up on a phonebook and its down to 63 - but I'm worried if this is safe or not... is it?)
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    There is an application called FileMerge (developer>applications>utilities) included in the developer tools, but you may be able to download it separately. It sounds like what you need.

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