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    Tim Cook said late last year that 2014 would be a big year for Apple in that we will see new and exciting releases throughout the year. It's almost April and we have yet to see a big Apple media event before June's WWDC. I have the inkling that 2014 will be very much the same as 2013: WWDC followed by an iPhone event in September and an iPad event in October and that will be it. I feel like they're just gonna wait until the last quarter to release everything instead of the throughout the year premise that Tim Cook originally told us.

    I feel like that this is yet another empty promise from Cook and we're just gonna see more of the same products rushed out at the very end of the year only to have Cook exclaim that 2015 will be an incredible and exciting year for Apple.

    I hope to be proven wrong.
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    Apple in 2014

    You are absolutely correct. Tim Cook is a BS artist. He moves in 2 speeds, slow and stop. I would not normally say anything but ... He should really change his routine. He said the same exact thing last year and did not do a thing. Very disappointing.
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    He is the CEO. He is not exactly going to say 'we have nothing in the pipeline this year, don't expect too much we don't want you to have high hope and get disappointed".

    He will say whatever to keep the stock price up for the shareholders.

    However, iphone6 should be pretty exciting. Can't wait!
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    He was interviewed by Brian Williams (NBC) last year. He was touring the Grand Central Station Apple Store in NYC with Brian... And yes, Tim Cook is the CEO and I am still disappointed because some people think his "act" is okay. I am a shareholder and I want to see performance not listen to deception.
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    ??? I see nothing that vague.

    Intense interest in an Apple TV?
    Doing on of their Mac lines in USA?

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