Apple In-ear Phones... help!


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Oct 18, 2006
Denver, CO
So... just got some of the Apple in-ear buds for Christmas. Just one question to all you helpful folk: how the **** are they supposed to fit?

If I put them in too loose, the sound is tinny and hollow. If I put them in tight, the sound is great - with wonderful bass response - but it creates pressure in my ear canal like my ears need to pop, and that can't be good...

... can it?

How are these supposed to fit?


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Jan 6, 2004
they are supposed to create a tight fit with a suction like feel to it i suppose is the best way to describe it. this allows the outside noise to be reduced while creating the best optimal sound.

they do take a bit to get used to, especially with their cone-shaped design, but its definitely a suction-esque feel to it when they are in properly.

Tom B.

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Mar 22, 2006
Apple Support said:
iPod In-Ear Headphones: Tip - Getting Optimal Audio Quality
Insert the iPod In-Ear Headphones so they have a good seal for optimal audio quality.

For optimal sound quality and performance, the Apple In-Ear Headphones need to make a good seal with your ear canal. Simply placing the ear buds in your ear without making a good seal can result in less than desirable audio quality.

To aid in the proper positioning of the ear bud, open your ear canal a little wider when you insert the ear bud. Everyone's ears are different, but you can usually do this by grasping either the upper or lower part of your ear and pulling gently away from your head with one hand while slowly inserting the tip of the ear bud into the ear canal with the other hand. In some cases, wiggling the ear bud into place can also help. Let go of your ear when you feel a good seal . The ear bud should remain securely in place when there's a good seal. Repeat the process until the desired fit is achieved.

If you've inserted the ear bud as far as is comfortable, but can't get a good seal, try a larger ear cap size. If you get a good seal with a larger ear cap size, but it is uncomfortable, try a smaller ear cap size.


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Mar 21, 2005
western MA
I have to agree with the previous poster, the pressure is a really odd sensation that you have to get used to with any sealed in ear style headphone.

Just make sure you aren't cramming something so big that it causes pain.

The Apple buds aren't as bad as some I've tried, so I still use them when I need something that stays in my hear but is small enough to go into my pocket when I'm done listening.


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Aug 29, 2006
i think your ears should kinda feel like when you're in a high altitude or something like that. at least thats how i feel