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    This is factual information that Apple omits and I feel it is incumbent on me to inform others so they are aware of the pit falls of an Apple India purchase.
    This to all the iphone and mac consumers and potential consumers:
    Apple India does not honor the repair or replace agreement, and along with the Indian resellers does not disclose this fact. As a buyer one has but 48 hrs to make a claim of any issues after that consumers will not receive the replacement benefits enjoyed by Apple users in every other part of the world.
    The resellers are unreliable at best of times, and the business model Apple has entered into with resellers allows them to charge for what ever they can get and for what ever service they ( the resellers ) deem necessary.The lack of oversight by Apple goes to the attempt at a new market. The Indian Government does not allow Apple service to have a presence unless 30% of the product is mfg. in India so Apple traded their quality care position for market share and the results are dire. Even with the assistance of some very senior people in the Apple organization the resellers have the last say for consumer
    issues and their with cavalier attitude fall pathetically short of the mark.
    The Apple cum resellers = buyer beware !!

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