Apple Internet TV Subscription Plans, What I would Like To See.

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by jonesboy, Feb 16, 2010.

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    I am sure that by now everyone has heard of Apples plans to venture into TV. They are currently in talks with the big 3 with multiple industry insiders saying that Apple may eventually launch the subscription service for a $30 monthly fee which would allow subscribers to watch whatever TV they like. The service would supposedly be an extension of the iTunes Store and not just limited to the Apple TV.

    So far it seems Disney and CBS are on board.

    I hope that is not it.

    Streaming internet tv is wide open for whomever moves first. I also think whoever that company is will most likely dominate it for a long time to come, if it is done with some nice eye candy and good quality. Imagine even more channels available than what satellite companies offer. A service that has PVR abilities to pause, skip, rewind, fast forward and download. Hulu type backend where you can "queue" your favorite shows to save on hard drive space. You get to choose your shows without having to deal with missing your show because someone wants to record something else at the same time. It also competes with cables "On Demand" features but you get to choose not them.

    There are a couple of issues with the above wish list.

    The first one being PVR abilities. Tivo owns the patient for it. Every company that offers a pvr has to pay Tivo a royalty. Solution: Apple should by Tivo. Why should they? One, they get the patient. Two, Tivo runs on linux which is real close to Apples BSD based operating system. I am sure that with some minor tweaks, a nice little software update to Tivo customers would allow all those Tivo customers to switch to Apples internet tv service.

    The second issue is multi-room viewing. When thinking about internet tv we shouldn't be limited to just a phone, computer or one tv. With an Apple TV box or a Tivo box you are still limited to just one tv. Cable and Satellite allows for multiple room watching with multiple PVR's. Each one gives you a free pvr but you have to pay a monthly "pvr fee".

    I don't know about you but I hate that little fee. What about an Apple Airport TV adaptor that has all the needed hdmi, s video, rca components.

    Now how much should all this cost? TV setup for up to 4 rooms, phone and computer with all of the equipment included. I would pay up to $50 a month with a two year contract with a nice channel lineup. More for premium channels. Remember if you have your own equipment or want to purchase it, it is even cheaper.

    In one move Apple could own the internet tv business and at the same time kill Netflix and Blockbuster and become the dominate movie rental service.

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