iPod Apple Introduces the New U2 iPod

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Jul 11, 2003
PR Newswire 8:31 am June 6, 2006

Apple(R) today introduced the new iPod(R) U2 Special Edition as part of a continued partnership between Apple, U2 and Universal Music Group (UMG). The new U2 iPod is based on the fifth generation 30GB iPod and holds up to 7,500 songs, 25,000 photos or over 75 hours of video and features a distinctive, all-black stainless steel enclosure, red Click Wheel and custom engraving of U2 band member signatures. U2 iPod customers will also receive 30 minutes of exclusive U2 video downloadable from the iTunes(R) Music Store. The new U2 iPod is available immediately for $329.

"We're thrilled to continue working with one of the greatest bands in the world to bring U2 fans a special edition of the world's best digital music player," said Greg Joswiak, Apple's vice president of worldwide iPod Product Marketing. "With its distinctive new design, including an all-black stainless steel enclosure, the new U2 iPod is sure to be a hit."

Featuring seamless integration with the iTunes Music Store and the iTunes digital music jukebox, the new U2 iPod features Apple's patent pending Auto-Sync technology that automatically downloads digital music, podcasts, photos, audiobooks, home movies, music videos and popular television shows onto the iPod and keeps them up-to-date whenever the iPod is plugged into a Mac(R) or Windows computer using USB 2.0. The new U2 iPod features up to 14 hours of battery life for music playback.*

Pricing & Availability

The new 30GB U2 iPod is available immediately for a suggested retail price of $329 (US) through the Apple Store(R) (www.apple.com), Apple's retail stores and Apple Authorized Resellers. The new U2 iPod includes earbud headphones, USB 2.0 cable, a case and dock insert. U2 iPod customers will also receive a coupon for 30 minutes of exclusive U2 video content downloadable from the iTunes Music Store.**


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Mar 9, 2002
The stuff Bono preaches and what he actually does really doesn't sit well with me at all.


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May 25, 2006
Alright...I'm not a big U2 fan at all. Apple has already released this product a few times (just without video) and they just released it again. I guess its OK if you're a HUGE U2 fan, but come on Apple! RELEASE SOMETHING NEW!:mad:


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Jul 4, 2005
thejadedmonkey said:
Wow, apple really managed to keep any rumors from leaking on this one :eek:
That's because nobody cares.

Carn Apple, we've seen this before - time for something actually different, a capacity increase would excite me more than this. Hell, I've been posting ColorWare versions of this for months and there's not much different.


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Feb 19, 2005
iGary said:
Nobody cared.
You have a good point.

I for one couldn't care less about spending $30 extra on an ipod that I am only going to cover up with a case. And since this isn't a limited thing, it's not worth jack ****.
An ipod is an ipod not some autograph book that you're going to pimp on ebay when you figure out that you need money for the next intel g5.
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