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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by benboy12, Jun 1, 2016.

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    Hi All,

    I apologize if this is answered somewhere else in the forum (I did search, but didn't find anything). Who here is part of Apple's iPhone upgrade program? I am considering going with this for my next iPhone because I like the freedom to upgrade each year, plus I like that AppleCare is included. However, I was wondering if anyone had read what kind of condition your iPhone has to be in if you want to trade it in at the one year mark. I take fairly good care of my iPhone, but stuff happens. I remember my 5 had a very slight scratch on the back from when I used it during the first few days of ownership without a case. Even with a case, it seems that sometimes particles slip in and scuff up the back a tad. My fear is that I will join the program, want to upgrade at the next release, and have my trade denied because my iPhone isn't in pristine condition. Also, I don't have a local Apple store, which means I would have to mail my phone in and not know if my trade is accepted until they receive my phone and examine it. Any thoughts?

    Also, do you know if they would send me a new phone before I sent in my old one? I would hate to be without a phone for a week or two while they were processing my upgrade.
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    You have 14 days to return your previous phone else you have to pay the remaining balance on it.

    The phone simply needs to be in good working condition. This means not banged up, cracked, etc. a light scratch wouldn't likely cause an issue. Worst case scenario is they'd charge you the $89 deductible to replace the phone with a "new" unit which gets returns but I wouldn't stress about that too much.

    Biggest downside of the program, IMO, is a hard pull on your credit every year you upgrade.
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    Why join a "program"? I simply walked into the Apple store and said I wanted to upgrade my 5s. They gave me $200 for it. I could do the same thing once a year, or whenever.

    And the screen was literally popping off my 5s, they didn't care.

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