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    For the last 5 years, I've had just about every variety of iPhones and Galaxy lines, starting with the iPhone 5 and the original Galaxy Note, respectively. What I've noticed is that the Galaxy models all seem to be faster and operate much smoother, along with more features, than the counterpart iPhone for that generation. However, in each case, the Galaxy models all eventually start getting sluggish and the battery drain becomes alarmingly serious. Moreover, they all started building too much heat, to the point that I would freq get 'cooling down' warnings, and I would have to restart my device much more frequently due to the constant and growing system lag/freezing.

    The iPhones I've had, all the way to the 6S that I currently have, never had these problems, and wouldn't slow down or freeze/lag even when I'm at the limit of my storage space! Which is why I was always able to load more apps on the iPhone than the Galaxy brands, even though the Galaxies all had more space (via SD card).

    I know that the Galaxy line has better specs, more memory, processing power, screen resolution, etc., than the respective iPhone for that generation, but why do they all, up to the S6 line which is my most recent Galaxy phone, all seem to suffer the problems I described above? Anyone else experiencing the same? Is it related to how each hardware is optimized for the OS?
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    Just gonna sit back and read the comments
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    Android To iPhone is like apple to windows

    for some magical reason, windows machines tend to get slower and slower by the year, while 2-4 year old macbook's are still running buttery smooth

    EDIT: Just re-read your post, you can't be serious right lol? The only thing galaxies have over the iPhone is appearance, nothing more.
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    And even comparing that is Apple to oranges.... I have a windows 10 laptop with a 1TB HDD 7200rpm and another with a 256gb pcie SSD.
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    In my opinion, it all has to do with optimization.

    Apple makes the hardware and the software so iPhones always perform better over time.

    Samsung doesn't make the software. However, they do make Touchwiz, which is their skin on top of Android. I don't think Samsung does a good job of hardware and software optimization, which is key for a really good smartphone experience.

    I have a Galaxy Note 7 and an iPhone 7 plus. I love them both for what they can and cannot do. I actually like the S7 Edge better than the Note 7 because it performs better surprisingly.

    I think the S7 Edge is the best device Samsung has made. They really worked on the optimization and I didn't have any lag (but I only used it for about 6 months until I got my Note 7).
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    this is true planned obsolescence, not the "planned obsolescence" people accuse apple of since their iPhone 6S that got iOS 10 stutters .5 seconds compared to iOS 9.
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    I never had any issues with any Android device I had in terms of lag or etc
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    I'll have to check out what these Google Pixel phones will be like next week

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