Apple is a "Post PC" company


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Jun 11, 2012
Dear friends,

I watched the March 2012 - Apple Special Event Keynote today, and could notice that Apple CEO Tim Cook repeatedly stated that Apple was working and making a revolution in "Post PC" products. He repeated this more than five times in the first ten minutes of his presentation.

Then, it's very clear that Mac Pro is part of Apple's past. We have to understand that, and also follow our ways finding new better solutions that fortunately we already have in the PC platform.

Only, I wish CEO Tim Cook was kind enough to state they were closing the production of better Mac towers, to have the professionals find solutions somewhere else, without keeping us in the dark for so long to find out today that Apple was not making anything better than the early 2010 MacPro.

Greetings to all.



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Aug 24, 2009
#Looks like he went the way of the PC. :(
Actually he went the way of the iPad, but it was taking him so long to type up his long appleruleseveryoneelsesucks posts and putting so much of a drain on the MR servers, that there was no choice to ban him until he starts using his non-post-PC Macintosh again.

No doubt he'll still be in the denial stage. "Apple clearly didn't want me to be on MR anyway."

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