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    For some reason they keep blocking my brothers itunes acout so he cant buy anything. He emails customer suuport. They unblock it and tell him he was violating the user agreement... They absolutly refuse to tell him what he is violating.. They just tell him to read the agreemen and figure it out. He has done that and cant figure out what he is doing.

    He is not jailbroken, he is set for the correct region, he has checked all his user info, no one else is using his devices, he tried changing his password.. We cant find anything that he is doing wrong.

    He can log in to his itunes account but is blocked from making purchases untill he contacts apple and they unblock it... It keeps happening. He is not asking apple for any personal information... He just wants to know what he is doing wrong.

    They tell him that they cant tell him what he is doing wrong for secerity reasons... WHAT!!! They even gave him free songs for the inconvenonce...

    This is the strangest bunch of BS iv ever herd.. If he is doing somthing wrong.. Why are they giving him free **** and unblocking.. And what security reason do they have for not even giving him a hint as to what he is doing??

    Has anyone seen this before?? Iv never had an issue with apple and its surprising the way they are treating my brother as he buys a lot of **** from them :/

    Any suggestions pleas..
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    Change the credit card that is on your brothers account. Or delete the credit card and use iTunes Gift Cards.
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    tell him to stop using other peoples credit cards w/out authorization.
  4. ajiuo, Aug 29, 2013
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    I doubt apple would keep unblocking it and giving him free downloads if they suspected credit card fraud... Nor would my brother be asking for tech support for illegal.. Activity..

    He is using his own card and has had the same one on file for a long time with no prob.
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    Oct 14, 2011
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    Second paragraph: no other devices using his account. And he's tried changing his password.

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