Apple is loosing its edge

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by aicul, Dec 6, 2012.

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    I always thought apple products provided me with that extra step that was helpful, that made the difference, and enticed me to pay a premiun.

    Here are a few spots where apple does not do that extra step:

    - when a disk fails, there is no alert. Strange as there are at least 3 cron jobs running and timemachine process that are in a position to spot this and draw the owners attention to this.

    - when copying very large amounts of data, there should be fore thought. As soon as this situation is identified, a request to submit a admin password (for security protect files) or a confirmation (for copy of open files) should be issued, before the copy file count completes.

    - timecapsule should allow me to recover any file on any machine, easily. The easily only applies to restore on the same mac as the backup.

    - OSX allows for multiple logins, so I have a personal id and a admin id. Once logged into the Admin id I should not receive requests for the admin password, this is just nonsense.

    - timecapsule backups should not interfere. User should be able to schedule backups so that they occur when the mac is not actively being used. Short term backups via timecapsule are not justified with the versioning functionality available in lion.

    - long processing. When processing is likely to take time, the cursor should give a visual cue of this, and possibly add a cue on the time to complete. My understanding is that the beachball is there for process hungry and hung processes.

    - alerts that apply to multiple features (such as network down) should be communicated once. I do not need safari, mail, calendar, etc. to each tell me the network is down.

    - a portable is not a desktop. Hence setup for a portable should be for a portable, not a desktop. This applies specifically to mail, and other such clients. Why does email decide to resynch mail when I am about to board a plane and want my one-liner email to be delivered ASAP?

    - applications that have background jobs, should quit when they are quit; not wait for the background process to complete. Such as in mail, iPhoto, etc. Developpers need to know how to quit a batch job immeadiately.

    Common sense needs to apply
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    What tool do you think would be required to make the edge tighter ?
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    If I knew I would do it myself.

    What I mean here is that apple used to make things easy to use, or look they even considered this.

    But today they are more concerned with selling me the processor of their latestet mac, than making sure that the mac actually is conformatble to sue for its main purpose... computing.
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    I think you missed the subtly of Knight's post.

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