Apple is now Xerox . . .

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    Recently watched the Jobs interview where he talked about why Xerox failed.

    Apple is in a similar position to where Xerox was: the "product" people have been moved aside in favor of sales (Ahrendts), marketing (Schiller), thinness (Ive), and supply chain management (Cook). There is no one at the top to insist on something being "perfect" before it goes out the door.

    The drip drip drip of glitches and mistakes is embarrassing for the company. I think we are seeing the early stages of Apple's decline from market, and eventually profit, dominance. Correcting that will require a new visonary - I think many had hoped that could be Ive, but he has shown enough for that hope to be dashed. Unfortunately, the best hope is probably, given Apple's sheer size, someone who has no chance of ever reaching that position. Now there's irony . . .
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