Apple Keyboard/Mighty Mouse cord lengths?


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Sep 3, 2006
Now, when in my room I used to sit my iBook on my bed and watch movies or whatever laying in bed. Now I'm going to get a new iMac soon, and I'm wondering what the cord lengths of the keyboard and mouse are.

I'm wondering if it's worth my money getting a Bluetooth set instead, or if they're long enough, just digging up the odd USB extension cable around.

The new iMac would likely be sitting about 1.5 metres away from my yeah. How long are the cords?

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Mar 17, 2005
London, UK
I'd go for the wireless solution to be honest. I've tried using extension leads on keyboards and mice before and its not pretty and gets really irritating. Upgrading to the wirless mouse and keyboard combo doesn't cost nearly as much as buying a wireless setup new and is good value imo. I'd estimate that the cables are about half a metre long and come with a half metre extension lead.


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Sep 3, 2006
Ah, so the cords are still pathetically short?

Oh well.

Now, one other question long does a set of batteries last in the Keyboard and mouse?


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Jul 4, 2005
Short. Certainly not 1.5m, closer to 60cm. They're designed for the keyboard to plug into the Cinema Display (on the PowerMac/Mac Pro - for the rest of the range, the computer is on the desk anyway) and for the mouse to plug into the keyboard.

Very short. My wired keyboard came with an extender cable but even that's not going to suit your needs.

Go wireless.


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Sep 11, 2006
sorry for the thread hijuack, but its a very similar question

About to pick up a macbook. Is the cable on the regualr mighty mouse to short to be used comfortably with it(im right handed), and should i get he wireless one instead.


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Dec 21, 2008


Anyone who know how to get the wirless mac keybord to work on a PC.
I have both mac and PC and the Mighty mouse works fine on my pc but the keybord just don´t work.

I can install the keybord on the PC but i need a code or a KEY to get i to work.
Anyone who know the key kominations?
On the Mighty mouse it´s just 0000 who is the key.

THanks in advance

// Micke


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Aug 20, 2008
Also, the wired Mighty Mouse and Apple Keyboard that are bundled with a Mac actually have shorter cables than the one's you buy off the shelf.

Also, if you are thinking about a wireless mouse, why not check out the MX Air - a bit more expensive than a Mighty Mouse, but a lot nicer.

Anyway, hope this helps!