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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Butthead, Dec 18, 2007.

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    So my Pismo died shortly after I added an addtional 133Mhz 256MB RAM module to it. Don't know if the daughter card CPU connector socket is no longer making excellent contact, or I just static electricity shorted it (RAM transfered to new TiBook works just fine, so probably something more serious like logic board or PS gradually dying was what lead to kernal panics and finally only booting up to chime sound and black screen)...but long story short after lots of searching/troublshooting, I got a used 'dealer refurbished' 1Ghz TiBook from Wegener Media. Cost more than a alum PB, but it's the fastest dual boot (yes, I know, but I still want OS9.2 bootability) laptop in Apple's line. Only problem when I received the system, I did Apple Profile on it, and found no Airport Card installed. Sent an email to Wegener and got a reply that there were at least 9 different configurations of 1Ghz Tibooks, and that Airport Cards where a "CTO (configure to order) optional, not stock, item" Wegener's words.

    I did a check of Apple's support pages and initial announcement on the DVI TiBook 867/1000Mhz models. Sure enough there are only two configuration models listed, and the 1Ghz is clearly stated as having Airport "built-in", not an option.

    1. Question, does anyone remember a CTO option that allowed you to delete the Airport Card, as this doesn't make sense that they would allow for deletion of what is already described as 'built-in'?

    Because I think Wegener is using semantics with 9 configurations, as in you could upgrade to more RAM, larger HD, and some other items, but I don't see how they could ascribe 9 different configurations of just the 1Ghz TiBook...unless corporate/institutional buyers (not Apple authorized dealers) would be the ones to be able to get non-standard CTO 1Ghz models.

    At any rate I think this is really false advertising/misleading advertising at best on Wegener Media's part. Most reasonable people would think that Airport Cards were "built-in" on any 1Ghz system, and would reasonably only expect to have to pay for Wegener's install $99 Airport Card upgrade for the 867Mhz system, which had Airport Card as an option only. Further, looking at the prior TiBook announcements on Apple's site, shows that previous top of the line, higher CPU speed models also clearly had Airport Card "built-in"

    Was the built-in Airport Card ever an delete option on any configuration Apple offered on any TiBook that was listed as it being 'built-in'? In essence, can anyone prove that Wegener is *wrong*???

    There is a 60-day warranty on their refurbished systems, only you can't remove any tamper proof seals or the warrant is voided. On a Pismo, you could remove the keyboard to install an Airport card, with the Tibook you must remove the bottom cover, which is sealed with that tamper proof label.
    Really sucks for Wegener to not mention the lack of what should have been a built-in Airport Card. True I can wait 60days, but why should I have to. They said I could pay shipping back to them, they would charge $99 to install their AC (I have one from the Pismo already), and wait more than a week for this to get done, then pay for shipping back to $80 in shipping alone! Absurd. I could just pay for a Airport Extreme compatible PC card losing the utility of that port for other PC card adapters, and install that; but I'd rather have a built-in option *now* the way it shipped from Apple, damn it.

    Any help in proving Wegener Media wrong in their false advertising, is much appreciated!

    2.Does anyone remember what the Bluetooth Adapter was, and is it worth it to get it, where did it install, are there better options for BT?

    3. You will also note from this link to Wegener's TiBooks, that they have only a Combo CD/DVD-ROM drive installed on the base model they are selling of the 1Ghz TiBook. I think this is also wrong, as the super drive, according to Apple's support page, was also a built-in item (except I could see that maybe this was a delete option for a CTO 1Ghz Tibook, but rather I would think the SD would be an upgrade option for a 867Mhz Tibook?).
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    Most of the 3rd party resellers pull stuff like this, unfortunately. Look at PowerbookGuy. For nearly *every* laptop, they list the Airport card as optional, when it's been a standard part of Mac laptops since the G3 iBook. It's just a shady way of increasing the price--taking out an included component, and charging extra for its inclusion. Not much you can do about it besides take your money elsewhere. The older models tend to be uniformly overpriced anyway, to take advantage of people who want Macs but aren't looking at the MB/Ps.
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    When Apple says (with the TiBook) that the AirPort card is "built in", they actually mean that it comes with a card installed. This card can be taken out, as it's not soldered to the logic board (like the newer PowerBooks and MacBooks are). What I think probably happened is that the reseller took the card out and sold it separately.

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