Apple Launches New Yoga Day Activity Challenge

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    Apple today kicked off a new Activity Challenge, this one celebrating the International Day of Yoga. To earn the award, you'll have to complete a yoga workout that lasts 15 minutes or more at any time today. Apple holds these challenges for many different holidays and events throughout the year, but this is the first time it has marked the International Day of Yoga.


    In order to be sure that your workout is counted towards the Activity Challenge, you'll need to use any app that adds yoga workouts to Apple's Health app. The first-party Workout app for Apple Watch offers Yoga tracking as well. Once completed, you'll gain the award in the Activity app, under the Limited Edition awards section, as well as a set of stickers that can be used in Messages.

    Apple has hosted a few Activity Challenges so far in 2019, including one for Earth Day, one for Heart Month, and one that was exclusive to Apple employees. Each challenge always tasks the user with completing an exercise of some sort in a given time frame, and the rewards typically offer stickers for Messages and a new badge in the Activity app.

    Article Link: Apple Launches New Yoga Day Activity Challenge
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    This is going to be my new guilty pleasure.
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    New York
    Thanks Apple, for showing me how incredibly inflexible I am....
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    Namaste at my desk all day but thanks Apple
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    Undisclosed location
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    I love the idea of yoga. However, as a sufferer of a painful and worsening hiatal hernia, I have enough of challenge bending over to tie my shoes or putting on my socks. :(
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    Sep 13, 2017
    Daily Yoga has free beginner classes including the 18 minute workout I did to get the badge. Felt good enough after doing it, that I will try for a week or two and see if I still like it. :)
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