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    I just have one question:
    Why is it, that after removing a bootcamp partition, that I cannot create a new one, despite it being the exact same size, and there only being about 5 minutes between the two actions taking place? Apparently I need to reformat my drive - well, I'd like to but
    1. Not everyone has storage to backup onto
    2. I shouldn't have to - no new material was downloaded, nothing new was created since deleting the old partition.
    3. I backed up the bootcamp partition onto the main drive before repartitioning - I don't want to lose two lots of files here.

    So please tell me, why on earth am I expected to reformat when there appears to be no good reason why BootCamp is unable to repartition my drive?

    Apple, please learn to partition.

    Thank god I have a server on the network I can backup to - but seriously, why should I have to?

    That considered, what about iDefrag?
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    Feb 19, 2011
    Maybe you should "learn to partition" yourself.

    BootCamp Assistant is not the only tool out there, I'd highly recommend that you learn your way around GParted. Hell, even the Windows 7 installer would format unpartitioned space as NTFS.
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    How many primary partitions do you currently have?

    How much unallocated free space do you have?

    Can you open up Disk Utility and post a screenshot of the disk in question?

    Where are you deleting the partition, in Disk Utility or on some OS that only supports MBR type discs? Please read this -

    Formatting and partitioning are two different things. (In simple terms) Formatting puts a file system on a partition, and partitioning reserves a fixed amount of space for a file system. You don't need to delete a partition to clean it out, just format it in Disk Utility.

    If your going to remove the Boot Camp partition use the Assistant. Also never edit partitions that were created with Boot Camp in Windows.

    iDefrag is a great program, but it works best on offline discs (burn the boot disc that comes with it, or use another mac to defrag the drive in question).

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