Apple Leather Case Warranty Replacement

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by thetechfixer, Jul 1, 2015.

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    Hi, I have an Apple Leather case and it has began peeling etc, and as told by many other MacRumors members, Apple would replace the case if you bring it into an Apple Store. I however do not have an Apple store in my area and would have to drive 2.5h in order to get to one. I wanted to know, if I were to call up Apple, would they be able to mail me a replacement? How would the replacement process go? Would they put a hold on my Credit Card until they got the old one back? Do I send the old one back and then get the new one? Thanks guys
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    I would take some photos and send them to an Apple rep. Someone else on one of these threads had a similar experience and got a replacement mailed to them.
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    I bought the leather case (recommendation of forum members )
    love this case, it's slim and feel luxury in the hand.

    I had the silicone case for some days (switched with friend)
    it's feel nice in the hand (something like "cream") has more grip, but this case collecting fiber from pocket or bag.
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