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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by A Macbook Pro, Feb 15, 2010.

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    Okay, so just for the threads sake lets say Apple updates the MBP's with regular i5's and what everyone was expecting, Apple would still be losing the lead in making awesome computers. Okay, so they have the Mac OS, and they will always have it, but new computers are coming out with massive battery life, Blu-Ray, ATi 5000 graphics, and even now, amazing thinness and design.

    I think if Apple don't up their game they are in serious danger of no longer being a very very popular, great designed computer. I promised myself I'd keep my mid 09 MBP until 3-5 years, then buy the latest MBP, but honestly if this keeps up I may have to buy a PC instead :(
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    What's some examples of all these high end computers with "amazing thinness and design"?

    I can't think of one PC that I'd replace my MBP with even at the current MacBook Spec's, lol.
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    What are you talking about?

    And can you show some example of those new laptops you speak about? I thought there were only announced yet, but not ready to be shipped.

    And if you wanna keep your current MBP for 3-5 years, what makes you think that Apple will be left behind at that point? They could be having something up their sleeves at that time, nobody even dreamed off, or at least tried.

    Just because there are some expectations to be fulfilled and Apple hasn't yet, something that happened more often than you think, and Apple is still making good money with its computer line, doesn't mean Apple will loose the lead.

    But it can also mean it will. We don't know yet.
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    Taken from this article. I would be inclined to wait and see what happens come the summer.
  5. 21st100 macrumors newbie

    Jan 25, 2010
    That could really mean anything like, the end of 2010 release MacBook Pros, Mac Desktops etc... They are simply inspirational words with no context...Id really love to buy a new MBP in the nxt few weeks that is taken to the nxt level but i seriously doubt anything extraordinary will be achieved...Prove me wrong Mr Jobs
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    Sure there exist notebooks that excell at say gaming w\ a 5000 gpu, but they tend to be 8lbs and 2 inches thick with 1.5hr battery.

    MBP's (15"&17") are able to combine aesthetics with good battery length and decent power into a tight little package that houses the best OS bar none.

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